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Porsche emissions claims for compensation

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Porsche emissions claims for compensation

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porsche suv emissions tests

Having led the way in taking on emissions claims against Volkswagen in the High Court in January 2016, we have been representing many people for Porsche emissions claims for several years.

The Porsche cases are in response to allegations that Porsche may also have engaged in the use of illicit defeat devices, something that they continue to deny. As the Volkswagen Group owns Porsche, we were quick to widen our investigation to include Porsche shortly after the launch of ‘dieselgate’ action after news of the scandal shook the vehicle manufacturing industry in 2015.

Our Porsche emissions group action has been live for a number of years, and we want to reach out to more affected owners who have yet to claim. We do not want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to recover compensation.

Our actions against Volkswagen and Porsche

The Volkswagen dieselgate scandal emerged in 2015 when the Environmental Protection Agency in the US alleged that Volkswagen had been installing defeat devices in their cars. The technology was said to be able to detect when the cars were undergoing emissions testing so that emissions outputs could be reduced accordingly. We quickly began taking on claims for those affected, and our work contributed to the High Court litigation that ruled that Volkswagen was indeed using illegal defeat device technology.

With Volkswagen in the line of fire, we also saw fit to investigate similar suspicions surrounding Porsche’s emissions technology, among others. Porsche has since issued a voluntary service recall which is understood to update emissions software. There are concerns that the updates may affect vehicle performance, as they did in the case of some of the Volkswagen vehicles.

If the allegations against Porsche are proven to be correct, as those against Volkswagen were in the High Court litigation, we may be looking at a colossal breach of consumer rights, potentially affecting tens of thousands of car owners. Those who suspect that they may have been affected can use our online form to quickly find out if they are eligible to make a No Win, No Fee claim.

Making your claim

If you owned one of the affected Porsche models during the specified time period, you may be eligible to make a claim. We currently believe that the affected vehicles include Porsche Cayenne, Panamera and Macan diesel vehicles, fitted with EA897, EA898 and 4.2l V8 engines. That being said, there are further affected models that may be revealed in time as well.

We are bringing Porsche emissions claims on the basis that you bought or leased your vehicle with the promise that it was safe and legal to drive. If it is found that your vehicle has, or had, been producing excessive NOx emissions, the sale of your vehicle may have breached your rights as a consumer.

Claimants could be looking at tens of thousands of pounds in compensation. In cases where the CPUT (Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations) applies, you could be awarded compensation equivalent to between 25%-100% of the price you paid for your vehicle.

Join our Porsche emissions claims action today

We have made the sign-up process for Porsche emissions claims stress-free for claimants, meaning it only takes minutes to register your claim via our online form. You can find whether you are eligible to claim quickly as well.

As pioneers of the emissions litigation against Volkswagen, we have the specialist knowledge required to hold Porsche accountable. We have long been advocates of consumer rights, so you can trust us to fight to bring you justice. In fact, we want to make sure everyone can access the justice they deserve, which is why we are offering No Win, No Fee representation to eligible claimants.

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