Vauxhall Diesel Emissions Claim

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Vauxhall Emissions Claim

Please note we are unable to proceed with claims involving BMW, Dacia, Ford, Honda, MINI, Mercedes-Benz & Mitsubishi.

Have you owned or leased a Mercedes-Benz car or van first registered between 2009 and 2020? You may be able to claim.

Please note we are unable to proceed with claims which fall outside of the English & Welsh jurisdiction.

Have you received notice that your vehicle required or requires a recall?

Is your vehicle fitted with an EA189 engine, or a newer engine?

The deadline for claims for EA189 engines passed in 2018, and claims settled in 2022. We are unable to take any claims on for vehicles with EA189 engines. We are able to take on claims for newer engine types that are NOT EA189 engines.

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Vauxhall Diesel Emissions

Your Lawyers – The Car Emissions Lawyers – represent thousands of claimants engaged in the numerous emissions litigations and scandals in the UK, with millions of vehicles recalled to date.

If you own or lease, or used to own or lease, a Vauxhall vehicle first registered between 2009 and 2020 then you could be entitled to join the Vauxhall Emission Compensation Action on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The Vauxhall emissions scandal is just one in a long line of alleged emissions issues and scandals to have hit the industry since the original “Dieselgate” scandal first came to light in 2015. The parent company for Vauxhall Motors is Stellantis, with Vauxhall vehicles identical to its sister company Opel, and a number of Stellantis brands have been indicated in emissions issues. So far, as other carmakers have done, allegations of wrongdoing are being firmly denied, but we will investigate any emissions issues thoroughly ourselves.

About The Vauxhall Emissions Scandal And Recalls

It is understood that potentially over a million Vauxhall vehicles in the UK could be caught up in a Vauxhall emissions scandal. The allegations against the carmaker are that they may have used software or technology in their vehicles that could allow them to pass emissions tests but pollute far more dangerous NOx in usual driving conditions.

Allegations remain firmly denied, which has been the case with carmakers across the board that are caught up in emissions issues.

NOx is dangerous to human health and it is dangerous for the environment. This is why we have lifesaving regulations that are designed to reduce the impact of harmful pollutants and protect our planet. If these regulations are breached, legal action must follow.

The Vauxhall cases follow the original Volkswagen “Dieselgate” emissions scandal that first emerged in 2015, where the vehicle manufacturer was found to have installed defeat device technology in its vehicles. Carmakers continue to deny allegations of wrongdoing that have been made against them, despite the numerous court findings and compensation pay-outs that have taken place to date against some of them.

In 2016, regulators investigating carmakers who may have been cheating emissions regulations reported a number of concerns. As well as looking into illegal software that could amount to a defeat device, they have also been looking into “thermal windows” and whether they have been abused or not. Some carmakers may allegedly be abusing thermal windows, where emissions management systems can scale down to protect vehicle engines, to circumvent emissions regulations.

The line between cheating and engine protection is the issue here. We know that carmakers are defending allegations against them on the basis that they say that they have used thermal windows to protect vehicle engines, but the abuse of a thermal window could still amount to an unlawful defeat device. This in itself may justify the need for a Vauxhall emissions recall here in the UK if this has taken place.

The UK’s Department for Transport (DFT) has been testing diesel vehicles ever since the cheating allegations against VW emerged. Their findings indicated that the Vauxhall Insignia was one of the worst performers, according to ITV News.

Any Vauxhall emissions recall in the UK that you are affected by could mean that you are eligible to launch a claim with our expert team. Your vehicle may need to undergo changes that could affect its performance, cost-effectiveness and its resale value.

Claim In The Vauxhall Emissions Compensation Action

You could be eligible to claim in our Emissions Compensation Action if you own or lease, or used to own or lease, an affected vehicle that was first registered between 2009 and 2020 in England and Wales.

Please note that, unfortunately, due to separate legal jurisdictions in Scotland and Northern Ireland, we are only able to represent claimants in England and Wales.

Models Affected

Any diesel Vauxhall model can be eligible to join the claim.

Vauxhall Emissions Recalls And Software Updates

If you have been asked to take your vehicle in for any form of software update or for work to be carried out in relation to any emissions control of system fault, you may be caught up in a Vauxhall emissions scandal.

All you need to do is complete the Eligibility Checker and Claim Form here and you can get started without delay.

Vehicle Purchased Or Leased Between 2009 And 2020

Even if you have not been invited to have work carried out for anything relating to emissions controls or systems problems and faults, you could still be eligible to make a Vauxhall emissions claim.

As long as you purchased or leased a vehicle first registered between 2009 and 2020, you could still be eligible to join the compensation action.

You can use the Eligibility Checker and Claim Form on our website here to find out if you are eligible to launch a legal case.

What You Are Claiming For...

If allegations are proven to be true, your Vauxhall emissions claim could cover a number of factors, including:

No Win, No Fee Legal Representation

At Your Lawyers – The Car Emissions Lawyers – we are committed to Access to Justice, as we always have been. In the dozens of Group and Multi-Party Actions that we have launched, we are proud to have been able to offer No Win, No Fee Legal Representation for eligible clients.

What this means is simple: it does exactly as it says. If you sign up to join the Vauxhall Emission Compensation Action with Your Lawyers, you can be eligible to benefit from our No Win, No Fee representation. This means that we can waive our legal fees if the claim does not succeed, subject to the terms and conditions as agreed (which we have to say!)

Once you have used the Emissions Claim Form and Eligibility Checker here to confirm that you can pursue a Vauxhall emissions claim, you can start your claim now and sign up to the Conditional Fee Agreement, which is the formal name for the No Win, No Fee agreement.

This means no upfront costs for you so you can have peace of mind from the money-saving No Win, No Fee promise in place with Expert Emissions Lawyers.

What do you have to lose in making your claim today?

Your Lawyers – The Car Emissions Experts

Your Lawyers – The Car Emissions Lawyers – are Expert Emissions Lawyers operating here in the UK. While it is easy to proclaim that we are experts, we can actually back it up, unlike some of the other firms out there.

Your Lawyers

Were one of the first firms – if not, THE first – to formally take on No Win, No Fee compensation claims for victims of the original Volkswagen “Dieselgate” scandal in September 2015. When other firms were just taking registrations and obtaining limited information, we were actively pursuing real claims and moving the action forward.

Your Lawyers

Launched the first High Court legal proceedings in England and Wales against VW for the “Dieselgate” scandal in January 2016.

Your Lawyers

Were appointed to the Steering Committee responsible for the overall litigation in The VW NOx Emissions Group Litigation.

Your Lawyers

Have launched over 100 Group and Multi-Party Actions in the UK, representing thousands of victims of injustice, many of which are in the wider emissions litigations.

Your Lawyers

Have been involved in some of the most pioneering and ground-breaking areas of law for civil claims, and continue to pave the way for justice with victories and actions in the highest courts of the land.

Your Lawyers

Have recovered millions of pounds for thousands of victims just like you on a No Win, No Fee basis to allow anyone eligible to access our money saving legal experts without having to pay huge upfront costs.

If you need to pursue your compensation claim as a victim of a Vauxhall emissions scandal, why settle for anything less than the best?

Vauxhall Emissions Compensation Claim Form – Start Today

Getting started with Your Lawyers is easy. Just use our Emissions Claim Form and Eligibility Checker here, and you can launch your Vauxhall emissions claim without delay.

We will keep you updated as we proceed with the action, and all you need to do is let us get on with the legal and legwork for you, so you don’t have to. It could take quite some time to reach a conclusion, as these large group actions typically take years to settle, and carmakers continue to defend the litigations being launched against them. But we will keep you updated and informed.

Remember: whether you have been invited to take part in any formal Vauxhall emissions recall or not, so long as you own or lease (or owned or leased) an affected vehicle that was first registered between 2009 and 2020, we may be able to help you.

Contact us online or use any of the forms provided within our website.

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