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Category: CPUT Damages

jeep grand cherokee emissions
November 17, 2021

Fiat Chrysler emissions compensation

Since the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal hit the headlines in 2015, a number of other carmakers have been subjected to accusations of emissions fraud. Fiat Chrysler emissions are under scrutiny over allegations suggesting that the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Group could be involved in the use of illegal defeat devices as a means of cheating emissions tests. Like other carmakers, they strongly deny that this is the case.

In our view, the ongoing diesel emissions scandals could represent one of biggest violations of consumer rights ever seen, with potentially millions of car owners who could be affected internationally. We immediately saw that the Volkswagen scandal had breached the trust invested in the company by so many customers, and so we initiated High Court action against the company in January 2016 soon after the allegations hit the headlines.

Having played a pioneering role in the Volkswagen Group Litigation Order (GLO) case, we now want to ensure that all those affected by emissions scandals have a chance to claim compensation. Our experience has given us the strength to hold huge corporations to account. Pursuing group actions, we bring the strength of numbers to our fight against carmakers. You can find out if you are eligible for a Fiat Chrysler claim today via our online form here now.

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emissions software update
October 27, 2021

Volvo emissions compensation claims

Since the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal hit the headlines in 2015, many of the major carmakers have come under suspicion regarding the use of allegedly illegal software to cheat emissions tests. The allegations against Volkswagen surrounded the alleged installation of defeat devices in diesel vehicles in order to disguise the excessive production of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, and litigation has since proven that a number of allegations have been founded. Volvo is one of the companies we are also investigating, as allegations may mean that the affected owners could be eligible to make Volvo emissions compensation claims, if allegations are proven to be founded.

As pioneers of diesel emissions litigation in England and Wales, we were one of the first firms to bring claims against Volkswagen on behalf of our clients, and we played a role in initiating High Court proceedings against the manufacturer in early 2016. We want to ensure that any car manufacturers who may be responsible for allegedly cheating emissions are held to account, which is why we are taking on several group actions.

To ensure that as many people as possible can access the justice they deserve, we are offering No Win, No Fee compensation claims to all eligible claimants. Carmakers continue to strongly deny claims being made, so we intend to get to the bottom of the investigations at hand.

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emissions pay-outs
October 12, 2021

Car emissions scandals: emissions pay-outs

In recent years, a series of car emissions scandals have affected thousands of owners across the globe, beginning in 2015 with the revelation that Volkswagen was suspected of using ‘defeat devices’ to allow their vehicles to cheat emissions tests. Since then, several major car manufacturers have been levelled with similar allegations, and we have taken on many clients in our endeavour to help them win emissions pay-outs.

At The Car Emissions Lawyers, we are determined to help anyone affected by a car emissions scandal to access the compensation which they could be legally entitled to claim. Over the years, we have been representing victims in group actions against manufacturers including Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover and Mercedes, to name but a few.

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london traffic pollution
September 27, 2021

Vauxhall emissions compensation action

In 2015, Volkswagen hit the headlines in the infamous “dieselgate” scandal, in which the carmaker was accused of using illegal defeat device technology as a means of cheating emissions tests. But Volkswagen has since become just one among many car manufacturers to be subjected to such allegations, causing the scandal to soon become practically industry-wide. We are already taking on claims as part of our Vauxhall emissions compensation action, as we believe there is enough evidence to suggest that Vauxhall may similarly have breached emissions regulations.

If the allegations against Vauxhall are proven, and they remain denied at present, the company may have breached consumer law. If this is the case, the affected vehicle owners could be entitled to recover thousands of pounds in compensation. Anyone who thinks that their diesel car may have been affected by the emissions scandals can check their eligibility via our online form today.

Soon after the news of the “dieselgate” scandal broke, Your Lawyers  – The Car Emissions Lawyers – were taking on claims for those affected. We anticipated that the case against Volkswagen could constitute one of the biggest consumer group actions ever seen in the UK, and we were later appointed to a key role in the Group Litigation Order (GLO), sitting on the Steering Committee. We also envisaged that other carmakers would need to be investigated, and emissions claimants can trust in our experience and expertise in this niche area of law.

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vw emissions scandal
August 25, 2021

Peugeot emissions compensation claims

It was revealed in 2017 that PSA, the manufacturer of Peugeot and Citroen vehicles, was being investigated by French prosecutors after its offices had been raided. Under suspicion of cheating emissions tests, Peugeot became just one among many manufacturers to be scrutinised over the potential use of alleged defeat devices and excessive emissions output. If the vehicles are found to have broken regulations, claimants could be eligible to recover thousands of pounds in Peugeot emissions compensation. The carmaker, like others, denies any wrongdoing at all.

The “dieselgate” scandal shook the world when it was alleged in 2015 that Volkswagen’s diesel cars may have been fitted with technology that allowed them to pass emissions tests. Later, it was proven that these cars were producing volumes of NOx that exceeded the regulatory limits, which had gone unnoticed due to the use of defeat devices.

We were one of the first law firms to bring claims against Volkswagen in England and Wales, and we later played a key role in the litigation after we were appointed to the Steering Committee responsible for the overall conduct of the Group Litigation Order. Our experience in emissions litigation means that we have the expertise needed to take on your Peugeot compensation claim.

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Your Lawyers Mercedes emissions
August 18, 2021

Mitsubishi emissions compensation action

A member of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, Mitsubishi has become implicated in the emissions scandals following long-held suspicions and recent investigations by German prosecutors. Like a number of other major car manufacturers, Mitsubishi is suspected of allegedly using a form of defeat device in its diesel vehicles as a means of cheating emissions tests. We have launched a Mitsubishi emissions compensation action to further pursue the allegations and take on claims for the potentially affected owners. We represent owners pursuing legal cases with us on a No Win, No Fee basis.

In 2015, the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal hit the headlines, with allegations that the manufacturer was guilty of emissions fraud. This subsequently gave way to a series of similar accusations against other reputed carmakers. Now, many manufacturers have been claiming that they were working towards a more eco-friendly future of vehicle production, when in fact they may have allegedly been in breach of emissions standards.

Any car manufacturers who have breached emissions regulations may have consequently broken consumer law. If it is found that Mitsubishi owners were deceived regarding the emissions output of their vehicles, they may be able to recover thousands of pounds in compensation. As things stand, they deny that they have committed any wrongdoing at all.

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lawyers in group action
August 11, 2021

Kia emissions compensation claims

In 2015, Volkswagen found itself at the centre of the infamous ‘dieselgate’ scandal after it was accused of using illegal defeat device technology in order to cheat emissions tests. Seeking to avoid the pressure of meeting regulations on NOx emissions, the argument was that Volkswagen had developed a device that allowed it to disguise the true emissions output of its diesel vehicles while undergoing testing. In the wake of the scandal, more and more manufacturers were subjected to emissions fraud allegations, including South Korean carmaker Kia, against which we are now taking on Kia emissions compensation claims.

Your Lawyers became specialist Car Emissions Lawyers through our pioneering role in the Volkswagen emissions litigation. Sensing the potential to take action against this potentially huge violation of consumer rights, we were one of the first law firms in England and Wales to formally register claimants. Soon after, we initiated High Court proceedings against Volkswagen in early 2016.

We have since been pursuing group actions against several other carmakers, and Kia has been added to the list. It is important to us that all cases of emissions fraud are rooted out, although it is also important to note that Kia, like others, strongly deny they have done anything wrong. If you think you may have a claim, you can use our online form today to find out whether you could be eligible to join the fight for justice.

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new eu rules for vehicle manufacturers
July 21, 2021

Honda emissions compensation

Honda is one of the many car manufacturers that we are investigating over allegations that its diesel vehicles may have allegedly breached emissions regulations. In 2015, the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ scandal became the trigger for revelations about potential widespread emissions problems across a large number of major carmakers. Those who own or have previously owned Honda diesel vehicles could be eligible to claim Honda emissions compensation if allegations are proven to be true.

The majority of carmakers implicated in emissions scandals are suspected of implementing some form of illegal defeat device technology in their vehicles as a means of cheating emissions tests. Where this is the case, carmakers will not only have broken emissions regulations, they may also have breached consumer rights law. Of course, carmakers strongly deny that they have done anything wrong, which is why we are carefully investigating the matters.

When we began taking on VW emissions claims in 2015 and initiated High Court proceedings against Volkswagen in 2016, we knew that the Volkswagen allegations were only the tip of the iceberg. We now want to use our experience in emissions litigation to hold any and all deceitful car manufacturers to account. If you claim compensation in one of our group actions, you will be doing your bit to see that justice is done if cheating has taken place.

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porsche suv emissions tests
April 14, 2021

Porsche emissions claims for compensation

Having led the way in taking on emissions claims against Volkswagen in the High Court in January 2016, we have been representing many people for Porsche emissions claims for several years.

The Porsche cases are in response to allegations that Porsche may also have engaged in the use of illicit defeat devices, something that they continue to deny. As the Volkswagen Group owns Porsche, we were quick to widen our investigation to include Porsche shortly after the launch of ‘dieselgate’ action after news of the scandal shook the vehicle manufacturing industry in 2015.

Our Porsche emissions group action has been live for a number of years, and we want to reach out to more affected owners who have yet to claim. We do not want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to recover compensation.

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Mercedes NOx emissions
April 07, 2021

Jaguar Land Rover emissions compensation claims

Jaguar Land Rover is one of several carmakers we are taking investigative action against over allegations of emissions irregularities. It has been alleged that carmakers including Mercedes, Nissan & Renault and Jaguar Land Rover may not be conforming to emissions regulations and could, therefore, be in breach of the law. If you own or lease, or have owned or leased, a potentially affected vehicle, you could be eligible to make a Jaguar Land Rover emissions claim.

It is understood that tens of thousands of vehicles might be affected by the alleged Jaguar Land Rover emissions issues. In the wake of the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal of 2015, which led to the High Court ruling that Volkswagen had installed illegal defeat device technology in vehicles in the UK, we are concerned that other carmakers may be guilty of wrongdoing as well.

You can sign up to join any of our many emissions group actions today if you have been affected. Together, we can seek the compensation that you deserve in the event that the allegations against carmakers are proven to be true.

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fiat chrysler emissions
March 24, 2021

Fiat Chrysler emissions claims

Among several other car manufacturers, the Car Emissions Lawyers is investigating allegations that put the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group in the line of fire over the suspected use of defeat device technology. Defeat devices are so named for their purpose of overcoming and cheating emissions tests, potentially allowing vehicles to break EU emissions regulations unnoticed. Any car owners affected by emissions irregularities could be eligible to make Fiat Chrysler emissions claims.

With accusations circulating on an international level, we saw fit to launch a group action against Fiat Chrysler on the basis that they may have deceived owners upon the purchase of their vehicle. If you are an affected owner, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation, and you can use our online form to confirm your eligibility.

As it stands, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) refute that they have done anything wrong, and we continue to investigate the allegations that they face.

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porsche suv emissions tests
March 17, 2021

Porsche emissions compensation claims

Porsche is one of several car manufacturers that is suspected of manipulating vehicles in order to cheat emissions testing. While Volkswagen is the only carmaker to have been proven to have used defeat devices in the courts in  England and Wales, we are also taking on Porsche emissions compensation claims for any car owners that may have been affected by similar issues.

The fact that Volkswagen is the parent company of Porsche has undoubtedly contributed to the accusations levelled at Porsche. Even while we await a court ruling on the matter, we believe that the allegations have enough weight for us to take on Porsche claimants, and we have been doing so for a number of years.

If you are concerned that your vehicle may have been affected by emissions issues, you can use one of our online forms to find out if you might have a claim to make.

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