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Volkswagen Emissions Scandal group action No Win, No Fee Guarantee

"We know it's important that you have the security of a genuine no win, no fee guarantee - that's exactly why we offer it."

Start Your Claim Now - It's No Win, No Fee

Vehicle owners, traders, and shareholders can join The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action we're leading.

Our Car Emissions Lawyers are taking action with a multi-party claim in the High Court of Justice. We're acting for thousands of people who bought affected vehicles here in the UK, and we're working with lawyers taking part in actions in Europe and in the US.

You can start the process of joining The Group Action by filling in our quick and easy form that can take less than a minute to complete.

We can then keep you informed with exclusive updates in to the action we are steering, together with the thousands of other people we are already acting for.

We have helped thousands claim compensation using our No Win, No Fee guarantee, and the thousands we are acting for are already formally signed up to our exclusive agreement. It really does do exactly what it says on the tin - if you don't win the claim, you pay us nothing.

As with any agreement, it is of course subject to terms and conditions, but as long as you stick to your end of the agreement, we can:

Write off our legal fees if the claim is not successful so you don't have to pay a single penny of the costs we incur!

It's that simple. When you sign up to use our secure No Win, No Fee services you are joining thousands before you who have had the same security where our promises are backed up in black and white in the paperwork, and thousands have already signed-up for The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action.

Some will only cover certain things under their No Win, No Fee agreement. We offer the real deal.

Starting a No Win, No Fee claim is easy

You can fill in the contact form below to start your No Win, No Fee claim if you have been affected by the scandal. If we can help you then we can offer you our unique No Win, No Fee guarantee.

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