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Category: NOx

AdBlue and NOx emissions

First published by Admin on October 20, 2020 in the following categories: Emissions News Group Action NOx and tagged with | | | | |

AdBlue and NOx emissions

AdBlue and NOx emissions go hand-hand, as some car manufacturers use AdBlue in their engines to reduce the production of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx); a toxic gas produced from diesel engines.

Many vehicle manufacturers claim that the use of AdBlue can reduce car emissions to provide for cleaner diesel vehicles, and some of those carmakers have relied on those statements when selling their models.

However, the reality may not be so green. A number of carmakers stand accused of using defeat devices in their vehicles. These can, in some cases, recognise when an emissions test is taking place, and allow for emissions-reducing technology to be engaged. Out on the road, emissions-reducing technology may not work. For some of those taking part in the emissions legal actions we are pursuing, they have reported having to top up AdBlue more often, increasing the running costs of their vehicle.

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Can ‘Software Updates’ and Recalls affect vehicle performance?

First published by Contributor on October 13, 2020 in the following categories: Emissions News Group Action Mercedes Nissan Emissions Scandal NOx Renault Emissions Scandal and tagged with | | | | | | | | | | |

affect vehicle performance

Can software updates affect vehicle performance? If so, what can you do about it, and how can we help as expert Car Emissions Lawyers?

Several car manufacturers, including VW, Mercedes and Nissan and Renault, are alleged to be involved in emissions scandals. Allegations are that engines can produce far more NOx emissions than allowed by European regulations as a result of the testing regimes being cheated.

To pass the emissions tests put in place, manufacturers stand accused of using ‘defeat devices’ that can do things such as detect when the cars were being tested, which can alter whether the emissions controls are engaged or not. This can mean that, on the road, the actual emissions could be far higher.

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Emissions Regulations are Important

First published by Contributor on October 06, 2020 in the following categories: Emissions News NOx and tagged with | | | | | | |

emissions regulations

Emissions regulations are in place worldwide to restrict the release of extreme amounts of harmful gases that could damage our planet and our health.

Such gases include Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), which is a common pollutant from diesel engines. Car manufacturers must limit the amount of NOx their vehicles emit in order to comply with European regulations that are in place to protect us.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers have used software – also known as ‘defeat devices’ – in their diesel vehicles to dupe the emissions testing system. The devices used by Volkswagen in the original “dieselgate” scandal could detect when the vehicle was being tested and restrict emissions during  testing. However, in usual driving conditions, the vehicles could pollute far more.

Now, other carmakers including Mercedes, Nissan and Renault stand accused of similar behaviour. They deny any wrongdoing at all, but we are investigating any allegations accordingly.

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