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What is a GLO?

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What is a GLO?

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Mercedes emissions claim in the UK

As specialists in group actions, we often represent tens, hundreds, or thousands of claimants in the same lawsuit. We can bring group actions when multiple claimants are affected by the same breach of their rights, such as when they owned a car affected by emissions irregularities. When we believe that a group action is large and strong enough to be better managed and formally recognised with the court, we can apply for a GLO, as was done in the case of our Volkswagen emissions group action.

But what is a GLO? In short, GLO stands for Group Litigation Order, and is the term often used for formally recognised group actions here in England and Wales. As a claimant, you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of the legal terminology, but it is important to know how you can register for a GLO and what this means for your claim.

We make it as easy as possible for our clients to register their claims – you can use our online form today to check your eligibility for a car emissions claim quickly now.

The purpose of a GLO

A GLO is not always the same as a “group action” as such, as a GLO usually arises from a formal court order. When the court grants a GLO application, the group action is formalised and the claims can follow according to given procedures and steps.

One of the most important steps is the process of identifying suitable lead “test” claimants. It would be practically impossible to handle each case in a GLO one by one, so the law firms involved in the action will usually choose a select group of lead claimants, sometimes referred to as “test cases” to represent the whole cohort. This does not mean that your claim is dismissed – we can still weigh up each case on its own merits, allowing us to set each claimant’s potential compensation value according to the individual circumstances of their case.

The law firms involved in the group action will usually need to enrol all the claimants on to a Group Register. Very few GLOs are opt-out in the UK, which means that claimants must usually take the decision to register their claim in order to recover compensation as part of the action. This means that they need to “opt in”.

The court often imposes deadlines for joining a GLO, so it is essential that all affected claimants join as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

Our group actions and GLOs

As one of the first firms to take on claimants for the Volkswagen group action, we became a member of the Steering Committee for the GLO, meaning that we were one of the firms responsible for overseeing the conduct of the litigation. The deadline for joining the Volkswagen GLO has now passed, but victims have time for the many other emissions actions that we are pursuing.

We are progressing a number of our current group actions, and some will probably form into GLOs. In fact, our other emissions group actions may come to be GLOs as proceedings develop very soon.

Make your emissions claim

Any car owners who think they may own a vehicle affected by emissions irregularities can find out if they are eligible to claim today.

We are currently investigating Fiat, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan and Renault – and more – in our emissions actions, so those who own certain models may be able to recover compensation.

We have worked on many GLOs before, so all claimants can trust that we have the necessary infrastructure and expertise to handle thousands of emissions claims.

Sign up today to begin your fight for justice with the help of our specialist team.

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