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U.S. District Judge Breyer, has approved both VW and Bosch diesel settlements

Posted by Admin on May 23, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News

vw and bosch diesel settlements

Another $1 billion has been added to VW’s ever-growing bill in the U.S.

More movements have been made across the pond – District Judge Charles Breyer has approved Volkswagen’s (VW) settlement sum of $1.22 billion to either fix or buy back 80,000-87,000 diesel vehicles affected by the emissions scandal in the U.S.

This is a separate settlement to the deal made last autumn, and was made for owners of the six-cylinder 3.0 diesel engines.
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VW’s criminal fine and 3 year probation

Posted by Admin on May 19, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News

volkswagen 3 year probabtion

Volkswagen (VW) has been ordered to pay more fines in association with its emissions scandal affecting over 11 million vehicles worldwide. However, this time, the automaker giants are paying criminal fines.

On 12th May, U.S. Federal Judge Sean Cox sentenced VW for its criminal wrongdoing. This is after the automaker pleaded guilty to criminal charges, namely:

  • Conspiring to defraud the U.S.
  • Committing wire fraud
  • Violating the Clean Air Act
  • Obstructing the course of justice in their scheme to deceitfully circumvent pollution rules and regulations in the U.S.

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3.0 litre VW owners pushing for final settlement in the U.S.

Posted by Admin on May 16, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News

3-litre us compensation

The VW emissions scandal has been a never-ending nightmare for the car manufacturer and also for vehicle owners alike. U.K. owners continue to be refused compensation whilst U.S. owners are pushing their settlements ahead.

Following on from their epic deceit that is more formally known as “Dieselgate”, Volkswagen (VW) has agreed to a settlement in relation to the 3.0 litre diesel vehicles in the U.S. that they claimed had low levels of nitrous oxide (NOx), when that actually transpired to be completely false.
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VW engineer’s sentencing delayed yet again

Posted by Admin on May 12, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News

vw engineers sentencing delayed

Following the VW emissions scandal, there have been multiple criminal and civil investigations. One VW engineer was convicted of defrauding customers and U.S. regulators alike.

James Liang pleaded guilty for conspiring to defraud customers and regulators. The U.S. Justice Department are pleased with their first criminal charge, following on from a year-long investigation upon which they extracted a confession from the VW veteran.
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Volkswagen are feeling the pressure to compensate U.K. consumers

Posted by Admin on May 09, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News

uk pressure mounts on volkswagen to pay compensation

Could this be the right move towards compensation?

The pressure comes from several MPs on the Transport Select Committee (TSC) who slammed Volkswagen for turning their backs on U.K. consumers. Although Volkswagen admitted guilt in the U.S. and paid out billions of dollars, Volkswagen is still denying any liability here.

The TSC MPs are disgusted with the way Volkswagen are treating their U.K. consumers with “complete disregard”.
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VW comes to a $157 million (£126 million) agreement with 10 U.S. states

Posted by Admin on May 04, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News

vw settles environment fine

Volkswagen has been desperately trying to move past the emissions scandal since their first settlement agreement back in October 2016 in the U.S., which has so far set back the cheating automaker $14.7 billion (£11.8 billion).

In recent news, the VW Group have agreed to pay $157 million (£126 million) to settle environmental claims in 10 U.S. states. The 10 states involved are New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.
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VW’s investigations won’t be concluded by the end of 2017…

Posted by Admin on May 02, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News

vw investigations

Since Volkswagen’s “defeat device” behaviour was published in the media in September 2015, the VW Group has received constant limelight ever since. Although German prosecutors remain hopeful that the first legal rulings will be concluded at the end of the year, VW’s chairman believes this will be far from the case.

And we are not surprised!
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German prosecutors look into VW’s law firm Jones Day

Posted by Admin on April 28, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News

volkswagen law firm raided

In the midst of the criminal and civil probes, Volkswagen expressed their distinct opposition to German prosecutors searching their solicitors’ firm, Jones Day.

VW said that the search was “unacceptable in every respect”.

According to USA Today, the search was conducted as a result of burning questions about whether certain members of the VW managerial board were involved in, or responsible for, the emissions scandal. The German automaker said that the search was a”“clear breach of the principles of the rule of law”, namely the code of criminal procedure. They noted that if they continue to breach these principles, they would “take all action at our disposal against these proceedings”.
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Vehicle owners and Judge Belobaba dissatisfied with the VW Canada’s proposed settlement for 2.0 litre diesels

Posted by Admin on April 25, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News

vw canada settlement

Although VW Canada has a settlement proposal on the table, the presiding judge has commented that it may not be in the best interests of the consumers.

On 31st March 2017 the Ontario Superior Court of Justice held an approval hearing for the 2.0 TDI litre vehicles aka the TDI Settlement Agreement applicable to Canada (outside of Quebec). This hearing followed a hearing on 22nd March in Quebec held by Justice Marie-Claude Lalande.

But the question now is whether this settlement will be good for the victims or not…
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Adverse effects reported following the VW software upgrade ‘fix’

Posted by Admin on April 18, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News

vw owners frustrated with the 'fix'

It’s just problem after problem for VW.

Although VW U.K. has tried to rectify their emissions wrongdoing by offering a free software upgrade to all affected vehicles, many owners have reported adverse effects and alleged that it’s because of the ‘fix’.

And the reports of problems continue to flood in.
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