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Adverse effects reported following the VW software upgrade ‘fix’

vw owners frustrated with the 'fix'

It’s just problem after problem for VW.

Although VW U.K. has tried to rectify their emissions wrongdoing by offering a free software upgrade to all affected vehicles, many owners have reported adverse effects and alleged that it’s because of the ‘fix’.

And the reports of problems continue to flood in.
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Renault accused of cheating emissions tests for 25 years

renault emissions

French car maker Renault has been accused of rigging their vehicles to pass official emissions testing amongst the host of others in the spotlight like VW right now.

It’s believed that the conspiracy went all the way to the top with even the Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn being aware.

At present, Renault deny any wrongdoing; but if the allegations are found to be true, we may have yet again another carmaker who seems to be putting profits before people and our fragile environment…
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Swedish testing reveals that VW’s so-called emissions ‘fixes’ may be making things worse…

vw emissions fix

It’s been months since Volkswagen publically reminded us that compensating victims of the scandal in the UK was unnecessary because a simple ‘fix’ would solve everything.

Victims here were not happy to hear this, especially when U.S. customers are receiving up to $40,000 each through generous buy-back schemes and compensation payouts.

We already know that the so-called ‘fix’ may be causing issues because many of our own clients have reported problems. So, we weren’t surprised to hear that Swedish testing has also revealed issues with VW’s so-called ‘fix’ as well.

The damning evidence is mounting…
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Germany’s Environmental Aid, DUH’s, lawsuits against VW

duh tackles the emissions scandal

A German Environmental Aid, Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), has recently announced a lawsuit as a result of the emissions scandal arising from VW diesel engines.

Some vehicles have shown excessive nitrogen oxide emissions even after the software updates – aka the emissions “fix” – according to the Federal Managing Director of the environmental aid, Jurgen Resch.

We’re not surprised by the results, and we’re not surprised that VW are facing yet another legal action either!
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VW admitting liability in the U.S. but not in the EU is inexcusable

vw eu scandal

VW are doing better with admitting liability nowadays… well, in the U.S. they are!

On 10th March, VW pleaded guilty in the U.S. over the ‘dieselgate’ scandal. However, it doesn’t reflect their position in Europe. NY Times states that the ‘troubles may be just beginning’ on the continent, and we agree.

Ultimately though, victims here in the U.K. are being denied access to justice, yet our U.S. counterparts are receiving damages.
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VW executive, Oliver Schmidt, pleaded not guilty for his alleged participation in the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

ve executive pleads not guilty

More and more top VW executives are being subjected to investigations, and some may be criminally charged for their alleged participation in the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal.

This is the case for one unlucky executive, Oliver Schmidt, who has been charged with conspiracy for his alleged involvement in what has been the biggest automotive scandal in history.
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Has the VW “dieselgate” scandal caused premature deaths for thousands in Europe?

has dieselgate scandal caused premature deaths

The excessive air pollution caused by the Nitrous Oxide emissions from Volkswagen Group is allegedly causing early deaths for thousands in Europe, and may continue to do so unless the affected cars are made to comply with emissions legislation.

A thorough study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has reportedly found that Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and Seat affected vehicles are emitting so much Nitrous Oxide pollution that an estimated 3,400 people may have already died prematurely in Europe.

Once again, this news just hits home at how serious the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal truly is.
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VW Compensation UK Sign-Up

vw compensation

Why sign-up for VW Compensation?

Back in autumn of 2015, a colossal scandal broke out that shook the motor industry to its core.

Volkswagen group and its subsidiaries were found to have been cheating car emissions testing through the use of so-called “defeat devices” – a fact of which VW are bizarrely accepting in some countries, and disputing in others. This shocking scandal has also prompted governments and authorities to initiate investigations in various countries across the world.

The impact on owners has been huge.
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Will UK Volkswagen owners get compensation?

will uk owners get compensation

Will VW owners affected by the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal here in the UK receive compensation?

This is the BIG question…

When the scandal broke out, millions of affected owners were horrified to find out what had happened, and how the financial value of their vehicles may be affected. So could they get their money back? In full, or even in part?

At the break of the scandal, VW UK managing director Paul Willis said that VW will not be compensating UK owners – and he hasn’t changed his remorseless tune…
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Is VW Australia playing a sleight-of-hand?

vw australia scandal

The media has been swamped with press releases surrounding the VW scandal across the world. A lot of the spotlight has been on the U.S. given the intensity of fines and criminal charges, and the recent compensation pay-outs to consumers.

Today the spotlight goes down under where VW Australia has allegedly pressured their owners to sign waivers in relation to the affected vehicles.

Shocking news!
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