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Action over carmakers passing emissions tests through cheating

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Action over carmakers passing emissions tests through cheating

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emissions tests

The European Commission currently has tight emissions tests and regulations in place for light–duty (cars, vans) and heavy-duty vehicles (lorries, buses), and for non-road mobile machinery.

Over the last few years, with the introduction of higher standards, the legal limit of NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) has reportedly decreased by almost 70% for diesel cars.

Unfortunately, to meet these tighter restrictions, some car manufacturers stand accused of using ‘defeat devices’. This can be a type of software that can allow vehicles to restrict performance and pass their emissions tests, but allow for far greater emissions levels when being used on the road. The scandals stemmed from the original VW “dieselgate” issues that came to light in 2015 that has resulted in the High Court making a finding that the technology they used is a defeat device.

Controlled environment emissions tests

Despite the increased restrictions on regulations and emissions tests used to manage them, air quality has remained a dominant issue in many cities and countries around the world. Long-term exposure to some emissions like nitrogen dioxide is estimated to result in 75,000 premature deaths in 40 European countries.

This is why emissions tests are so important, and why it is important that any carmaker that could be allegedly cheating the rules is investigated.

With some independent testing finding discrepancies that have opened multiple carmakers up to investigations and lawsuits around the world, it seems clear to us that action needs to be taken. This is why we are representing thousands of people claiming compensation in multiple emissions investigations.

Why is real-world emissions testing so important?

Following the Volkswagen emissions scandal, the Department for Transport set up the Emissions Testing Programme to look for “defeat devices” and to understand the real-world emissions performance for a varied selection of best-selling vehicles in the UK. The investigation found higher levels of NOx emissions in real world driving conditions than laboratory conditions for the car manufacturers tested.

It is important to see the levels of emissions in real-world testing to allow us to get a more accurate reading of toxic NOx emissions being released into the atmosphere. As of September 2017, new car models are required to be tested in more reliable, real-world driving conditions, which is a response to the emissions scandals that have come to light so far.

What to do if your car is recalled over emissions

As a vehicle owner, you should be contacted by the manufacturer if your car has been affected by any kind of alleged emissions tests cheating, or where there are at least some issues to be addressed. This could be in the form of a recall that may lead to a software update relating to any form of engine management systems or emissions systems.

If your vehicle has been subject to an emissions recall or has had any changes made in any form of ‘software update’, you could be eligible to claim compensation with us on a No Win, No Fee basis. The Car Emissions Lawyers offers No Win, No Fee representation for vehicle owners across multiple emissions investigations, including Mercedes, Nissan & Renault, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover, and Fiat.

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