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Nissan and Renault Vehicles – advice for compensation claims

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Nissan and Renault Vehicles – advice for compensation claims

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Nissan and Renault emissions

Nissan and Renault vehicles are being pursued over a potential emissions scandal, and it is thought that over 1.4 million vehicles could be affected in the UK alone.

Emissions matters are very serious. If a carmaker has been found to be cheating the law, this can mean that manufacturers are allowing the release of unlawful amounts of NOx emissions into the environment. The European emissions regulations impose strict restrictions on car models as to how much pollution can be emitted in order to prevent extreme amounts of toxic gases being released into our atmosphere.

Studies show that the production of NOx can be harmful to both the environment and to the general public, and it can be responsible for tens of thousands of premature deaths each year. This is why emissions regulations are vital, especially in highly populated areas. Nissan and Renault deny that they have done anything wrong but, if they are found to have been cheating emissions testing, we will hold them to account.

What was the emissions scandal in South Korea?

In 2017, the South Korean government reportedly found Nissan guilty of cheating emissions tests; specifically, on the 1.6 litre diesel engine sourced from Renault that is used for the British-built Qashqai SUV and is sold in South Korea.

After the 2016 Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ scandal, the South Korean government independently tested real-world emissions of 20 diesel cars. They identified irregularities linked to Nissan’s emissions-reducing EGR system and, following this discovery, 814 models were reportedly recalled and Qashqai sales were halted in South Korea.

Are Nissan and Renault vehicles affected in the UK?

So far, a formal recall has not been issued in the UK for Nissan and Renault Vehicles. It has been understood that Nissan has been previously asked to make some modifications, but the manufacturer is understood to have rejected the idea.

Nissan and Renault strongly refute the allegations that they have used any type of defeat device in Nissan and Renault Vehicles to allow them to illegally pass emissions testing. Nissan also reportedly pursued the South Korean government’s environment ministry after being issued with a £300,000 fine over emissions issues as well.

As such, a this stage, we cannot be certain as to whether there is a case to answer. What we can say, however, is that there is enough evidence, in our view, to pursue compensation claims.

It is understood that independent testing and information from the Department for Transport has reportedly indicated discrepancies between NOx emissions in testing environments and in real-world driving conditions. The reports suggest vehicles could be emitting over 15 times the legal limit of toxic NOx emissions.

You could be eligible to claim now

The Car Emissions Lawyers is offering No Win, No Fee representation for owners of Nissan and Renault vehicles that may be affected by  the allegations at hand. At present, we are looking into models manufactured between 2009 and 2018 that could be affected.

If your vehicle has been subject to an emissions recall or has had any changes made in any form of ‘software update’, you could be eligible to claim.

To find out more and to start a compensation case today, please see our specialist advice page here.

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