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What is a defeat device?

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What is a defeat device?

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In recent years, a series of car emissions scandals have come under public scrutiny, with several car manufacturers being accused of installing so-called ‘defeat devices’ in their vehicles in order to cheat emissions tests. Understandably, those who are not as familiar with the dieselgate scandals may be asking the question: what is a defeat device, and how does it work?

Since the first issues about Volkswagen were revealed, we have initiated legal actions against several manufacturers for allegations involving dozens of car models. We have constantly kept our finger on the pulse for any further evidence or allegations regarding the use of defeat devices. We hope to dispel any confusion surrounding the allegations against car manufacturers and, more importantly, to make any affected owners aware that they may be eligible to claim compensation.

Cheating emissions tests – what is a defeat device?

To answer the question ‘what is a defeat device?’ in this context – the term is generally used to describe software or hardware that can be installed in a vehicle for the purposes of interfering with emissions-reducing controls. In the context of the emissions allegations made against car manufacturers, it is said that defeat devices have been designed to detect when the car is undergoing an emissions test, so that the controls can then adjust the emissions output so it meets regulatory limits. However, in a real-world settings, the device may simply allow the vehicle to break emissions regulations by not engaging in, or switching off, emissions-reducing technology.

But what is a defeat device used for? It is believed that car manufacturers may have used the devices because they know that reducing the emissions output of the vehicles can mean reducing its overall performance. It appears that the accused carmakers may have been unwilling to compromise on this element, but this is no excuse for cheating emissions tests where this has taken place.

Car manufacturers and our group actions

The only allegations that have been proven so far in England and Wales are those against Volkswagen as the Group Action is at an advanced stage. Allegations are being investigated against Mercedes, Nissan & Renault, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover and Fiat. They are also under suspicion of using so-called defeat device technology, and we have started group actions against all of these manufacturers.

Carmakers continue to strongly deny the allegations that have been made and are being investigated.

At The Car Emissions Lawyers, we believe that any non-compliance with emissions regulations is completely unacceptable. The law is designed to restrict the production of harmful NOx emissions because they can cause significant damage to both the environment and human health. Although only a few models have been formally recalled for software updates, we suspect that the scandal could be much more wide-reaching. As such, we are on a mission to help any consumers who have been miss-sold their vehicles.

Making a compensation claim

Having answered the question ‘What is a defeat device?’, you may now be wondering ‘Am I eligible to claim?’.

If you think you may have owned one of the affected vehicles, simply fill in our online registration form to quickly find out if you could be eligible.

Car manufacturers have no right to mislead their customers about the vehicles they have leased or purchased, if this has taken place; particularly given the environmental and health risks that defeat devices can provoke. We will help any affected customers to claim the compensation they deserve.

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