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Nissan and Renault emissions action

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Nissan and Renault emissions action

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Nissan and Renault emissions

Ever since the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ scandal broke in 2015, The Car Emissions Lawyers have been instrumental in the fight to hold car manufacturers to account for any unethical practices of installing ‘defeat devices’ in cars in order to cheat emissions tests. One of our most recent lawsuits is the Nissan and Renault emissions action, launched over similar allegations that the manufacturer’s vehicles may have been producing excessive emissions for sinister reasons.

The carmaker strongly denies that they have done anything wrong, and we are in the process of investigating the allegations accordingly.

If you owned or leased a potentially affected vehicle, you may be eligible to claim in our group action. Excessive vehicle pollution has been proven to contribute toward environmental damage and harm respiratory health, so it is unacceptable if car manufacturers have been engaging in fraudulent practices behind closed doors just so they don’t have to compromise on things like engine performance.

Nissan and Renault emissions action – the allegations

Reports of emissions irregularities in Nissan and Renault vehicles began circling as early as 2016, not long after we began our legal action against Volkswagen. A report leaked in France in 2017 reportedly gave weight to these allegations, describing an investigation that Renault had allegedly been using “fraudulent strategies” to cheat emissions test for as many as 25 years.

The UK government is yet to issue a formal vehicle recall, despite the fact that tests carried out by the Department for Transport have allegedly found differences between NOx emission production under testing conditions and in real-world settings.

Nissan and Renault continue to deny the allegations.

Are you eligible to claim?

You may be eligible to claim in our Nissan and Renault emissions compensation action if you owned or leased any of the following vehicles between 2009 and 2018:


  • Infiniti Q50 Sedan;
  • Juke;
  • Note;
  • Qashqui;
  • X-Trail.


  • Clio;
  • Captur;
  • Espace;
  • Megane;
  • Scenic.

Up until now, you may have had no inclination that your vehicle might have negatively affected you, the environment and public health. However, that does not make you less justified in claiming compensation. That is exactly the point: if you were miss-sold your car on the basis that it was legal and safe to drive, when in fact it may have been capable of causing significant harm, if that is found to be the case, this needs addressing. By nature, the consequences may not be immediately visible, but they could build up over time. This could lead to harming wildlife, affecting lung function and worsening existing breathing difficulties for people.

Your consumer rights may entitle you to compensation that amounts to up to the full price of your vehicle. Under the CPUT (Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations), you could win between 25% and 100% of the original sum paid, which could be tens of thousands of pounds.

Read more about the Nissan and Renault emissions issues here.

Claim with The Car Emissions Lawyers today

At The Car Emissions Lawyers, we have been pioneering legal action against car manufacturers over emissions allegations since the first scandal broke in 2015. The original ‘dieselgate’ culprit, Volkswagen, was only the first in a series of carmakers to be subjected to group action claims. We will continue our legal battle until any and all guilty manufacturers have been held to account, where this is the case.

If you think you own or have previously owned an affected vehicle, use one of our easy sign-up forms to see if you are eligible to join our Nissan and Renault emissions action now. You could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation, so do not miss out on the chance to stand up for your rights as a consumer.

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