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Porsche emissions compensation claims

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Porsche emissions compensation claims

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porsche suv emissions tests

Porsche is one of several car manufacturers that is suspected of manipulating vehicles in order to cheat emissions testing. While Volkswagen is the only carmaker to have been proven to have used defeat devices in the courts in  England and Wales, we are also taking on Porsche emissions compensation claims for any car owners that may have been affected by similar issues.

The fact that Volkswagen is the parent company of Porsche has undoubtedly contributed to the accusations levelled at Porsche. Even while we await a court ruling on the matter, we believe that the allegations have enough weight for us to take on Porsche claimants, and we have been doing so for a number of years.

If you are concerned that your vehicle may have been affected by emissions issues, you can use one of our online forms to find out if you might have a claim to make.

The Porsche emissions allegations

Ever since the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ scandal hit the headlines in 2015, car manufacturers have been subjected to intense scrutiny regarding the emissions output of vehicles. It was ruled last year in a High Court of Justice case that Volkswagen had indeed used defeat devices that allowed vehicles to pass emissions tests despite the fact they were emitting NOx levels above emissions regulations limits. In this case, the defeat device – a form of software or hardware in a vehicle – could detect when the vehicle is undergoing emissions testing, and can reduce the emissions output during testing.

In particular, the suspected manufacturers are accused of contributing to the excessive production of nitrous oxide (NOx). This is a pollutant that can damage the environment by impairing wildlife growth and can also harm human health, in particular respiratory health.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority in Germany first alleged the existence of defeat devices in Porsche Macan vehicles some years ago. This triggered a recall that has since resulted in vehicles having software updates applied. There is evidence to suggest that these updates reduce NOx output but may also adversely affect the performance of the vehicle, which may have been the underlying cause of the desire to cheat in the first place. There is, of course, no excuses for such cheating behaviour where it has taken place.

Pursuing Porsche emissions compensation claims

Those who own recalled Porsche vehicles may be eligible to pursue Porsche emissions compensation claims. If Porsche is found to have used technology that amounts to a defeat device, it may be that the carmaker has significantly contributed to toxic pollution of the environment and damaged human health.

Generally speaking, to make a compensation claim, you simply have to have owned or leased an affected Porsche vehicle, as this means that you may have been misled about the safety and legality of your car when you made the purchase.

You can read more about our Porsche Emissions Action on our specialist advice page here.

Where the CPUT (Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations) applies, you may be eligible to claim compensation of up to 100% of the purchase price of your vehicle, meaning you could recover tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.

Starting your claim

Any consumers who wish to make Porsche emissions compensation claims can simply use one of our online forms to confirm eligibility and get a claim underway.

Emissions allegations merit full investigation to ensure any guilty car manufacturers do not escape repercussions for any alleged harm arising from defeat devices. As the first law firm to bring compensation claims against Volkswagen in the High Court in England and Wales in January 2016, you can rely on The Car Emissions Lawyers to hold powerful carmakers to account.

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