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The Rupert Stadler criminal investigations

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The Rupert Stadler criminal investigations

First published by Admin on June 21, 2018 in the following categories: Emissions News VW Scandal and tagged with | | |

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Let’s take a look at the Rupert Stadler criminal investigations since his arrest in Germany at the end of last week.

The development was a major step forward in the pursuit of justice against the individuals within the Volkswagen Group – which includes subsidiary company Audi – to make sure that the people behind the veil of the corporation, and therefore behind the dieselgate crisis, are appropriately reprimanded.

Rupert Stadler is the latest high-profile figure to be intimated in the scandal, and we are monitoring the progress of the Rupert Stadler criminal investigations very closely.

Rupert Stadler criminal investigations

Rupert Stadler has been under fire since the breaking of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal, despite having the backing of the heads at the Porsche and Piech families who are in control of the Volkswagen and Audi brands. Even as recently as March this year, Stadler was apparently still endorsed as the CEO at Audi even though prosecutors had raided Audi offices.

Stadler’s arrest goes above and beyond the investigations and probes. It’s a huge statement of intent by German prosecutors who are in the midst of still looking into some 20 suspects in all and have searched the apartments of both Stadler and another board member, with both being named as suspects for fraud and false advertising.

Stadler’s arrest may result in a leadership crisis in what is one of the VW Group’s most popular and luxury brands. The recent admission by VW that they are responsible for the diesel crisis, and their agreement to pay an £880m fine, are also positive steps forward for justice.

More than just criminal justice is needed

We need more than just the criminal justice where the appropriate culprits are rightfully reprimanded for their roles in the scandal. The company has profited for years of the back of using cheat devices, and this cannot go unpunished either.

The Group Action that our firm is leading as part of the Steering Committee will make sure that the owners caught up in the dieselgate scandal have their say and are entitled to claim compensation as victims of the scandal.

But, there is now less than 130 days left to claim. If you have yet to join our Claimant Group, please sign-up as soon as you can.

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