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Audi offices raided over Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

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audi offices raided

The headquarters of luxury car brand Audi have been raided by German prosecutors in relation to the ongoing VW Emissions Scandal we’re representing U.K. victims for.

Audi, who have been a subsidiary of VW since 1966, have millions of cars fitted with the cheat devices worldwide, including many here in the U.K.

As well as offices being raided, media reporting says that some private homes have also been searched as part of the investigations as well.

Prosecutors have said that the focus of this investigation is over the use of, “technical means to manipulate the emissions levels of 3-litre V6 diesel engines intended for the European market.” As 2018 has kicked off with one PR disaster after another for VW following news of their involvement in unethical experiments on innocent monkeys who were forced to inhale exhaust fumes for hours at a time, these new raids are yet another blow for the German automotive giant who are far from through the storm of the scandal.

Speaking out over the experiments on monkeys, Director Aman Johal said:

“Testing on helpless animals is absolutely sickening. If consumers weren’t lacking trust in VW before, this revelation will certainly push them to consider the ethics behind the company.”

After recent reports of VW boasting increased sales and success, it’s clear that the reality is far from healthy for Volkswagen, who still face what is set to be the largest ever Group Action in England and Wales. We’re representing over 10,000 people claiming in the VW Emissions action, and our firm is set to be named as a lead Solicitor in the action.

There is plenty that our own government here in the U.K. can do to punish Volkswagen for their actions. They can impose fines and initiate buyback schemes like that in America, but until they take such action – that’s, if they do at all – it’s down to our firm to keep paving the way for justice.

The excess NOx caused by VW, experts say, has contributed to deaths and damage to the environment. There is usually only one way we can punish these global corporations when their behaviour is unacceptable: consumers must band together and claim damages to hit them in the pocket; where it hurts.

You can join the class action we’re representing over 10,000 people by completing the form below. We must take action and make a stand against any organisation who breaks the law!

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