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Research conducted by the International Council on Clean Transportation in the USA found that millions of Volkswagen Group diesel engine vehicles (which include VW passenger and commercial vehicles, and Audi, SEAT, and ŠKODA models) are emitting far more pollutants than test results say they are. This information was passed to the Environmental Protection Agency in the US who have since issued a Notice of Violation of the Clean Air Act to Volkswagen Group.

What their research found is extremely damning - vehicles have been fitted with highly sophisticated software that can detect when the vehicle is undergoing test conditions or when it is being used on the road. The software can turn full emissions controls on during what it perceives to be test conditions, and then "switch it off" in normal driving conditions. To say this is underhanded is a gross understatement.

Millions of vehicles worldwide are thought to have been fitted with these sophisticated so-called "defeat devices" that have potentially cheated consumers who have bought a vehicle that has been misrepresented to them. Research has shown that under road use conditions the nitrogen oxide emissions are up to 40 times more.

This is no blip on the scale of test conditions vs road use conditions, where there will usually be a degree of variance. This is a blatant attempt to circumvent important environmental legislation and a clear breach of consumer confidence and rights in our view.

What are the implications?

Our Car Emission Lawyers argue that Volkswagen are in breach of important legislation that is designed to protect consumers as well as the health of citizens here in the UK. We have already launched cases in the High Court of Justice, and we're acting for thousands of people affected here in the UK.

Despite the weight of our case - which we are confident we can win - Volkswagen are trying to refuse compensation payouts to UK victims, despite agreeing to payouts in the United States. This means one thing: our Group Action that is the leading force in the fight for justice has never been more important as we fight for the rights of thousands of people affected by this global scandal.

We've recovered millions of pounds in compensation for thousands of victims who have had their rights breached in the past, just like victims of this scandal. Your rights are enshrined in law, and any losses suffered is what we can fight to compensate you for.

Volkswagen has already set aside billions to pay for the scandal. Consumers who have bought a vehicle affected by the emissions scandal can join The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action we're running so we can fight for your right to compensation. Criminal proceedings are already being brought in several countries across the world, yet the UK government has decided to take no further action.

Our Group Litigation is therefore the route for justice!

Your Rights

The so-called "defeat devices" that have been fitted to affected vehicles have potentially misled consumers legally and morally, which can entitle anyone affected to receive compensation for any loss caused.

The Supply of Goods and Services Act, the Consumer Protection Act, and the Misrepresentation Act are key pieces of legislation that exist to protect your rights as a consumer.

The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action: Our case in the High Court of Justice is already well under way, and aims to establish liability against Volkswagen for breaches against consumers, the people of the UK, and the environment.

As the eleventh biggest company in the world, they've hired top lawyers to defend themselves off the back of this disgraceful scandal. But there is power in numbers, and we've instructed Queen's Counsel here in the UK, and we're working with our counterparts across Europe and in America to make sure that Volkswagen pays for what they have done!

We are a part of a worldwide contingent who are fighting for the rights of anyone affected.

Am I affected?

Affected customers should already have received several letters from their manufacturer to confirm their vehicle is involved. Despite assertions that people have nothing to be worried about, evidence has already shown that their recall solution - which they have had serious trouble in getting approval for - will likely have massive impacts on vehicles.

In our view, the recall alone is simply not a solution, and our Volkswagen Group Action is the way forward to make sure people are fairly and justifiably compensated for losses incurred.

The figures released for the UK are as follows:
Information that has been disclosed so far has confirmed the following:
  • Vehicles fitted with EA 189 EU5 engines may be affected
  • Some models equipped exclusively with EA 189 diesel engines are:
    • Sixth generation Golf
    • Seventh generation Passat
    • First generation Tiguan
  • New vehicles from the Volkswagen Group with EU 6 diesel engines in EU may be affected
  • Model years of potentially affected vehicles range from 2009 – 2015
  • Audi models affected may include the A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, TT, Q3 and Q5 models

It's important to know that Volkswagen also own Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Porsche. Some of these vehicles may also be affected.

Join The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action Now!

Right now, we're acting for thousands upon thousands of people affected here in the UK. The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action has already started, so you need to join as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

We can tell you from experience that there are usually Court cut-off dates for joining, so anyone who wants to make sure their claim is a part of The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action must act immediately!

UPDATE: As of December 2016, the wheels of further Court action have been set in motion - if you are serious about joining, you are asked to join as soon as possible to avoid missing any deadlines!

Joining is easy, because we have made it our mission to do all the necessary legwork - so you don’t have to. After all, that’s our job.

You can call now on 0800 634 75 75 or click this link and answer a few questions to see if your eligible to claim.

Why you should be concerned!

In terms of direct affect for you, vehicle deprecation appears to have been accelerated off the back of this scandal. We can say this confidently because the source of our information is right at the grassroots level - our very own clients.

Post-recall, we have seen a wide range of problems, including reduced engine performance; higher fuel consumption; engine management light problems; EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) problems; DPF (Diesel particulate filter) problems; to name a few. Volkswagen Group vehicles have a long history of maintaining value, but this scandal has had an impact on that, and the Volkswagen Emissions Group Action is set to be the biggest in the history of the UK.

Not only does this affect consumers financially, but this issue affects each and every one of us, our families, our children, and perhaps future generations to come too. The pollutant that the device is affecting the results for is Nitrogen Oxide, and it is not one to be taken lightly. There is a very good reason that we have directives to keep emissions of it as low as possible, and thousands of people die from exposure to it yearly.

Nitrogen oxide molecules can stay in the atmosphere for over a hundred years, and the impact of nitrogen oxide on warming the atmosphere can be 300 times more than carbon dioxide. Nitrogen dioxides can irritate the lungs and affect resistance to repertory infections, and it often gets trapped in inner-city areas where it can linger and do some serious damages to people's health.

When a member of our team attended a conference in Brussels in September 2016, he was shocked when an expert on the panel stated that, in the two hours the conference had been going on, 16 people had already died from Nitrogen Oxide related problems. That means that, with the statistic above, 192 people are dying per day from Nitrogen Oxide related problems. That's over 70,000 people a year.

The whole reason these pollutants are restricted by legislation is to stop that. So, the big question is this: just how many deaths could be attributable to the 11 million Volkswagen vehicles worldwide that have been polluting more Nitrogen Oxide then the figures say they were?

We knew the danger of this deadly pollutant anyway, but hearing that cold hard statistic really hammered it home...

We know that fuel economy and environmental impact are huge considerations when choosing the vehicle you want to purchase too. When you have trusted that you have bought a car that complies with current legislation, and boasts impressive results in terms of lowering your carbon footprint, it can be a big deal to find out that you have been misled.

You may have purchased your vehicle for the sole reason that it offered advantages over its competitors when it comes to efficiency and economy, and if that's the case, you may have been grossly misled.

You must remember that Volkswagen cornered the "green" market very well with their supposedly environmentally friendly technology. Tragically, for you, me, and the planet we live on, Volkswagen stand accused of deliberately cheating regulators with the use of the so-called "defeat devices" in their vehicles.

We as a responsible society simply cannot let the corporate giants put profits before people and our planet. We have a duty to stand up to them - and The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action is here to do just that.

There really is no excuse at all for what has happened, and the impact on you could be substantial.