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Porsche limiting European sales speaks volumes

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Porsche limiting European sales speaks volumes

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porsche suv emissions tests

Porsche limiting European sales speaks volumes in terms of the inability of VW Group brands to keep their diesel engines legal.

At the time of the announcement, Porsche said that the number of models sold in Europe would be limited as a result of the changes to emissions testing; changes that likely stemmed from the Volkswagen emissions scandal in the first place.

Although they’re not the only carmaker to have halted or limited sales as a result of the changes, the Porsche recalls and the “Dieselgate” scandal itself say a lot in terms of the legality of these engines in my view.

The new on-road emissions testing system means that manufacturers like Volkswagen – who own the Porsche brand – have been forced to take action, with Porsche limiting European sales. They would also be unable to use the kinds of defeat devices that triggered the emissions scandal in the first place. The defeat device at the heart of the “Dieselgate” issue could detect when the vehicle was being tested and could allow for life-saving emission controls to be switched off when the vehicle was being used outside of test conditions.

The new on-the-road test system appears to eliminate this illegal workaround. The new testing regimes are set to start in September this year.

On the news of Porsche limiting European sales, Aman Johal, Director and Steering Committee solicitor in the England and Wales action against VW, said:

“The decision by Volkswagen-owned Porsche to discontinue sales of diesel vehicles is an admission that their diesels are in decline. This is at odds with VW’s recent boasting of excellent sales in January.

VW couldn’t keep their dirty diesels legal, which is why they cheated in the first place. The human, animal and environmental impact of the Dieselgate scandal must not go unpunished.

We deserve greater transparency here, as consumers of these cars and as people who have to endure the serious side-effects of Volkswagen’s NOx-emitting diesel engines.

Now, more than ever, the public needs to scrutinise any statement or decision that comes from the Volkswagen family, and understand the depth of its deception. Action must be taken against the manufacturing giant so there is justice for anyone who bought or leased vehicles with defeat device software.”

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