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Audi boss Rupert Stadler arrest

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Audi boss Rupert Stadler arrest

First published by Admin on June 19, 2018 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with | |

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Big news from the continent: just days after the announcement of investigations into several senior Audi employees, Audi boss Rupert Stadler has been arrested.

Audi, as part of the Volkswagen Group, have millions of their vehicles fitted with the defeat devices that have allowed vehicles to cheat life-saving emissions testing. Audi CEO Rupert Stadler’s arrest is welcome news as prosecutors continue to investigate the carmaker for their actions to get to the bottom of who in the VW company is personally responsible for the scandal.

According to prosecutors, they have made the arrest after concerns that Mr Stadler might try to ‘suppress evidence’.

Moving closer to justice

Last week, Volkswagen finally admitted responsibility for the diesel crisis they created. This means that the 60,000 Claimants in what is set to be the biggest class action England and Wales has ever seen – an action that our firm has been appointed to the Steering Committee on – are another step closer to justice.

But as well as the victims’ right to redress, we must ensure that people within the Volkswagen Group are held accountable for their part in this huge scandal that experts have said may have contributed to additional lives being lost due to the excess NOx being produced by affected vehicles, experts believe.

The Rupert Stadler arrest news is a welcome step toward this as well.

Audi feel the heat

Last month, Audi admitted that a further 60,000 models were affected by the cheat device scandal. The news of the Rupert Stadler arrest will have no doubt worsened the headache they’re likely already suffering with, but justice must be achieved.

Prosecutors have reportedly confirmed that Mr Stadler will be questioned by Wednesday, and we will be keeping a very close eye on the developments of his arrest.

Less than 130 days to claim

We are now less than 130 days from the claim deadline. Anyone who has yet to sign-up to the action can do so here, but our own deadline will expire in advance of the official Court deadline that has been set for 26 October 2018.

The recent admission by Volkswagen, and the Rupert Stadler arrest, are key steps toward justice. You too can be a part of making sure that VW pays for what they have done.

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