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Fiat Chrysler close to settling emissions action

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Fiat Chrysler close to settling emissions action

First published by Admin on May 03, 2018 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with

fiat chrysler emissions

Fiat Chrysler are thought to be close to settling an emissions action that involves over 100,0000 vehicles that the US Justice Department says are breaking emissions laws.

Fiat Chrysler have always denied any wrongdoing, yet reports have emerged of an offer for settlement made to the automotive company that’s close to bringing the emissions actions against them to a close in favour of punishment.

It’s thought that civil action could still be initiated thereafter, and that a “fix” will be applied to resolve the emissions issues.

We have said from the very beginning that it would only be a matter of time before another car manufacturer is accused – and found – of cheating emissions legislation. Unlike Volkswagen who were caught using the so-called “defeat devices” to cheat emissions testing, Fiat Chrysler claim they have done nothing wrong.

Their defence is that the software they used that reportedly manipulated emissions output was never designed to cheat testing. It’s true that manufacturers are allowed to use software that manipulates emissions output so long as it’s declared and is used for a valid reason, such as for engine protection; but many believe that car companies have simply used this as a cover to make sure their cars passed the tests but still pollute more dangerous NOx.

In this action against Fiat Chrysler, despite them denying any wrongdoing, it appears that a settlement is likely to be reached and a “fix” will be implemented to update whatever software emissions is currently used.

It’s believed that the settlement will be high and that the parties are at advanced stages of talks.

So, take of this what you will. Fiat Chrysler deny any wrongdoing but are looking to settle and implement a “fix” in the same ways Volkswagen has in the US.

In the UK, Volkswagen continues to refuse compensation to our clients who are gearing up for the class action that’s set to close its books for claims in the next few months. If you have been affected by the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal here in the UK and you have yet to join our action, please contact us as soon as you can.

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