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Audi UK have suspended sales of their SQ5 models

Posted by Admin on May 02, 2018 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with |

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Audi SQ5 sales have been suspended in the UK. Although the official line from Audi is that it was down to production slots being filled, there are suspicions that it might actually be due to new emissions laws coming into force in the next few months.

The Audi SQ5 suspension follows that of the Porsche Macan S Diesel which was thought to have been suspended due to an inability to stay legal when it comes to emissions laws. With both Audi and Porsche a part of the Volkswagen Group that’s at the heart of the ongoing “dieselgate” scandal, there is reason to question all things emissions-related when it comes to this particular automotive giant.

There are suspicions that the real reason for Audi SQ5 sales being suspended is because of new emissions laws coming into force in September 2018, which will see “real-world” emissions data relied upon as opposed to the current testing regime that VW used to cheat in the first place. The so-called “defeat devices” used in the Volkswagen Emission Scandal functioned by “knowing” when the car was being tested, with software engaging lifesaving emissions controls only during test periods. Outside of the vehicle being tested, emissions controls were essentially not functioning.

The result has been catastrophic, with some 11 million vehicles affected worldwide, and potentiallythousands of premature deaths caused by the additional NOx emitted from affected vehicles, experts suggest.

The new laws coming into force are a welcome move, and we hope that the new way of testing emissions will not allow for a repeat of this monstrous scandal.

We are representing thousands of victims of the scandal who are taking legal action against Volkswagen for what they have done, and we will not rest until justice is attained. We cannot allow cars to be polluting illegal levels of dangerous NOx. VW got away with cheating for years by manipulating emissions testing regimes.

If they can’t keep their cars legal, they should take them off the roads!

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