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Volkswagen initiate German buyback scheme for cars hit by diesel bans

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volkswagen diesel buyback scheme

The recent court ruling that can allow German towns and cities to ban diesel vehicles was another example that attitudes are shifting as people are more aware of what automakers like Volkswagen are responsible for.

VW used cheat devices in around 11 million of their vehicles worldwide, and they did it (we assume) to allow their vehicles to pass emissions testing yet pollute more lethal NOx.

In our view, they put profits before people and they deserve to be punished. This latest buyback scheme in Germany, although limited, is one way they can help consumers affected by German law changes, and they should apply it universally for all consumers affected by the Emissions Scandal!

It is the actions of Volkswagen, who deceived the world with their “dieselgate” scandal, that has been a catalyst for people realising what these companies are trying to get away with. We need to limit the amount of NOx emitted as it is dangerous to human health and to the environment.

Cheating to make it look like you’re doing your part is simply not acceptable.

Volkswagen should initiate a buyback scheme in the UK for consumers affected by the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal, yet they’re refusing any form of compensation or real help to owners. That is why we have taken action since 2015 and continue to take action to make sure Volkswagen pay.

This new buyback scheme in Germany is said to be for new or nearly new vehicles impacted by diesel bans. Although it appears to be very limited at the moment, the big question is whether it will spread or not. VW has initiated buybacks in the US for consumers affected by the “dieselgate” scandal, and with the German scheme to be put in place in response to the diesel ban court ruling, we call – again – for VW to do the right thing: offer compensation to UK consumers and initiate an immediate buyback scheme.

Volkswagen cannot be allowed to get away with what they’ve done. The human and environmental damage they’ve caused as a result of the Emissions Scandal must not go unpunished. Owners of affected vehicles are being urged to sign-up to the action we’re at the forefront of to make sure consumers receive damages and VW are punished for what they have done.

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