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Will Volkswagen settle emissions claims on the eve of trial as they have done in the US?

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volkswagen hearing at london high court of justice

Will Volkswagen settle the emissions claims against them on the eve of trial?

In the UK and Europe, VW is refusing compensation to owners affected by their “dieselgate” scandal, despite the huge settlements they have agreed to in the US. Earlier this year, VW settled another case that was set for trial, and they reportedly did it on the eve of the case going to court.

Although we’re behind the US cases because the legal systems here in the UK are different, will we see a similar situation where VW settle the claims on the cusp of trial?

It’s possible.

If VW are to settle the claims just before a trial here in the UK, it would not be the first time a Defendant has settled a Group Action against them just before the case goes to trial. We have been involved in actions in the past were a Defendant has settled right before the trial… So it wouldn’t be against the trend for VW to do something similar.

At the moment, VW say there is no legal case to answer, but we remain confident in the action we are bringing against them.

Since we first accepted cases back in 2015 and launched High Court action back in January 2016, we have been committed to bringing Volkswagen to justice for what they have done. It is not acceptable for any organisation to intentionally cheat when it comes to important emissions legislation, and for a company of the size and standing of Volkswagen to do it is simply unacceptable.

We can’t predict what will happen, but the UK justice systems are often far slower than they are in America, so we can’t establish a timeframe on when volkswagen will settle (if they do). We will continue to increase the pressure we have already put on them and we will not stop until justice is achieved.

If you have yet to join our Claimant Group, please note that time is running out and the deadlines are being set by the High Court for joining. If you are serious about being a part of the action, please contact our team now to ensure you join the action.

The deadline to claim will expire before we reach any trial period, so there is no waiting for a trial as a Claimant, or you risk being unable to bring a claim.

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