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For many victims their stance was yet another blow having already had to deal with the fact that they had been duped into buying a vehicle under false pretences.

After the PR nightmare in the wake of the scandal that saw VW bosses denying knowledge of the defeat devices, and the blame being placed on 'rogue engineers,' victims of the scandal are furious that Volkswagen are trying to deny them the compensation they are rightly owed.

We're leading the way in what is set to be the biggest group action compensation claim the UK has ever seen, and we're doing it on a No Win, No Fee basis because we're confident that Volkswagen don't have a leg to stand on.

We know the news of Volkswagen's refusal to pay compensation has infuriated victims of the scandal, especially after they announced they would pay compensation to victims in the USA.

Their refusal to pay compensation and their formal denial of liability is a strange stance to take - they have already admitted to the public that they rigged vehicles with the emissions cheating defeat devices / software, which is illegal.

Issues with the recall

Only this month did Volkswagen finally write their third letter to victims with a little more information about the recall that was supposed to have started in January. Independent experts have already investigated and conducted reports to show what will likely happen when affected vehicles are recalled, and the news is NOT good.

The recall is set to have a serious impact on vehicle performance and fuel consumption.

The cost to victims

Final results as to what victims expect to lose in terms of value to their vehicles remains uncertain, especially as the recall hasn't been initiated properly yet.

We have preliminary reports from our own clients that have seen tens of thousands of pounds wiped from the value of an affected vehicle with the dealers telling them that it's down to the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Volkswagen say that affected vehicles are not losing any value, but reports from the ground are telling us a very different story.

Response to our action so far

In the UK they have responded to our letters of claim to deny the allegations we have put forward. This means they dispute that they are in breach of the legislation we've quoted. This means that they are effectively saying, for example, that the vehicles affected have not been misrepresented, and are 'as described.'

This is clearly not the case given that no customer (as far as we are aware) was informed that their vehicle had been rigged with codes to cheat emissions testing!

They also say that the vehicles are "technically safe" and that there has been no impact on sales; yet the evidence we have contradicts this entirely.

They say that victims of the emissions cheating scandal, which saw the German automotive giants intentionally fit 11 million vehicles with emissions cheating devices, have therefore not lost out. This is despite the fact that:

  • Their share value has plummeted;
  • Statistics and research has already reported a loss in the value of vehicles;
  • Many people have turned their backs on VW and stated firmly they will never buy from them again.

It's simple supply and demand. At the end of the day, people don't want to buy Volkswagen Group vehicles as much as they did before. There is no way that Volkswagen can stop all the market forces that are entirely out of their control from happening.

The Car Emissions Lawyers - Leading the fight for justice

We're acting for thousands of victims of the scandal and we have commenced court proceedings against Volkswagen for their failure to cooperate efficiently. The law here in the UK is really simple. They don't have a leg to stand on and our team of expert lawyers and barristers are of the firm belief that this action is indefensible.

We're so confident that we will win the cases that we have signed up thousands of victims on No Win, No Fee arrangements.

In the latest statement from our team:

"The basis of their denial of liability is invariably weak. We are absolutely confident that we will be able to successfully hold VW accountable under UK law with legislation like the Consumer Protection Regulations; Supply of Goods and Services Act; and the Misrepresentation Act.

As is usually the case in large group actions, the Defendant here (Volkswagen) has denied liability with the view to defend the claims. As with previous, and similar, large actions we have helped people for, we expect they will either inevitably pay out or we take them through the High Court and we force their hand."

Now is the time to join our action

We're acting for thousands of victims of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, but now we've issued proceedings in the High Court of Justice, there will be a cut off point for people to join the group action.

To safeguard your place in the litigation sign up now before time runs out.