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The dangers of alleged increased emissions from Mercedes vehicles

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The dangers of alleged increased emissions from Mercedes vehicles

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emissions from Mercedes vehicles

The potential dangers of any increased Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions from Mercedes vehicles cannot be understated, which is why our compensation action for justice is important.

We will briefly outline some of the potential dangers that can be caused to human health, and why any alleged increased NOx emissions must be taken seriously.

As a specialist firm of consumer action lawyers, we are here to hold organisations to account for any wrongdoing. That is precisely what we will look to achieve if Daimler has been cheating emissions regulations.

The serious dangers of NOx

Most of the world’s population is already exposed to polluted air, and air pollution is linked to millions of deaths a year around the globe. NOx is one of the dangerous pollutants that can lead to premature deaths, and one of the causes of NOx is diesel emissions from vehicles.

NOx can directly affect the quality of air at ground level, and the particles can be harmful to human health when inhaled. Research has linked NOx to deaths from conditions such as strokes, lung disease, and heart disease, and the respiratory system can be irritated when dangerous particles are inhaled.

It can also damage and inflame the cells that line the lungs, and some permanent and chronic conditions can then develop or worsen. Examples can include emphysema and bronchitis, and adverse effects on the ability of the immune system to fight off infections.

When children are regularly exposed to NOx, they can suffer lung damage that can leave them with long-lasting affects during adulthood; including reduced lung function. Anyone with existing conditions like asthma could suffer worse as a result of inhaling NOx, which can leave asthma sufferers with increasing numbers of attacks.

This is why it is so important to investigate emissions from Mercedes vehicles given that recalls have taken place and settlements have been made in the US.

What any increased emissions from Mercedes vehicles could cause

If it is the case that emissions from Mercedes vehicles are higher than they should be because Daimler has used technology that amounts to a defeat device, the damage could be substantial.

Daimler is refuting that they have done anything wrong. As such, until we reach a final determination on this point, which will likely occur through the courts, we can only talk about allegations and possibilities. As such, what we can say is that, if there is a defeat device finding, real lives could have been affected.

How we can estimate this is simple. We have discussed the actual human damage and dangers of NOx above, and we can look at research into the original ‘dieselgate’ scandal involving Volkswagen. Scientific research suggested that the additional NOx caused by the defeat device technology that VW used has likely resulted in thousands of premature deaths in Europe alone. If we take that as a benchmark, we could – in theory – be talking about a similar estimation if Daimler has used defeat device technology.

When it comes to actual numbers and any real impact, we can only speculate at this stage. Perhaps there will be additional research into Mercedes vehicle emissions if it is established that models also contain defeat device technology that allows vehicles to pollute more NOX than they ought to.

Mercedes NOx emissions compensation action

Here at Your Lawyers – The Car Emissions Lawyers – we recognise the importance of protecting human lives and making sure that anyone that has engaged in illegal behaviour is appropriately punished. We also believe that consumers affected by any illegal behaviour deserve to be compensated, which is why a compensation action can serve to punish offenders and compensate consumers.

If you have been affected by Mercedes Emissions issues, you can start your No Win, No Fee compensation claim today here.

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