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Mercedes NOx emissions compensation claims

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Mercedes NOx emissions compensation claims

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Mercedes NOx emissions

Why should you be concerned about Mercedes NOx emissions? Why is our compensation action so important? What are the risks and dangers for people?

These are some of the questions that people ask when they consider joining the Mercedes Emissions Compensation Action here in the UK. As a leading firm of consumer action lawyers that pioneered the first High Court action against VW in England and Wales in January 2016, we are well placed to tell you why claiming is important.

NOx is dangerous to human health and to the environment. Any carmaker that is found to have cheated the rules should be held to account, and owners should be compensated.

The dangers of Mercedes NOx emissions

No one should ever understate the potential dangers of Mercedes NOx emissions. At this stage, Daimler deny that they have done anything wrong. They dispute that they have used any kind of “defeat device” technology, which should mean that their vehicles are compliant.

However, recalls are taking place, and it is believed that they have used “defeat device” technology in models in Europe. You may remember that Volkswagen strongly denied that they had used such technology, but recent court decisions have led to huge steps forward for UK claimants with the establishment that VW has used such technology.

Although the two cases are different, the simple fact is that we believe that there is a legitimate case to answer against Daimler as well.

Because we believe that Daimler has used methods to allegedly cheat emissions testing, it is important to talk about the dangers of NOx. The additional NOx that was estimated to have been created by the VW ‘dieselgate’ scandal, according to research, may have contributed toward thousands of additional premature deaths in Europe alone. If it transpires that Daimler is also responsible for additional NOx in our air, they could also be responsible for additional premature deaths, if allegations are found to be correct.

What can you do about this?

If you are an owner and you are affected by the Mercedes NOx emissions issues, you could be entitled to bring a claim for compensation. You could be entitled to claim for any financial impact that the emissions issues have had on you, but you could also claim for simply owing or leasing an affected vehicle.

We think that making a claim is important. It is a form of justice that you can receive, and it can also act as a punishment for if Daimler has been cheating the testing regimes. It is important that companies are fairly punished for any wrongdoing, and it is important that the victims affected are eligible to claim compensation.

There is strength in numbers, and you can help to send a clear message that cheating – if this has happened – is not acceptable. Our compensation action for justice is the way to achieve this.

No Win, No Fee legal representation

You could be eligible to join the Mercedes NOx emissions compensation action and benefit from our No Win, No Fee legal representation.

To get started with a claim, head over to the specialist advice page here and start your claim today.

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