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Mercedes emissions claims settlement: will it happen?

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Mercedes emissions claims settlement: will it happen?

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Mercedes emissions claims settlement

In the UK, we are not at the stage where there has been a Mercedes emissions claims settlement process established and achieved, but we do think we will get there.

We believe that customers have been misled if it is the case that Daimler has used technology that amounts to an illegal defeat device here in the UK. We are representing clients for legal cases on a No Win, No Fee basis because we are confident that there is a case to answer, although they deny that they have committed any wrongdoing.

You can start your Mercedes Emissions Compensation Claim here today. For a little information on where we are with the UK action, recent settlement information from the US, and the similar VW action, read on.

Where we are with the UK action

We are not at a stage where we have initiated a Mercedes emissions claims settlement process here in the UK. We have launched our legal action for the many clients that we represent, but it is early days and Daimler denies that they have done anything wrong.

We do not yet have an established Group Litigation Order (GLO), but we consider that this is likely given the nature of how things are going at the moment.

Right now, we are taking compensation cases forward on a No Win, No Fee basis for anyone whose vehicle may contain an alleged illegal defeat device. We exclusively revealed to the media recently that our clients could be eligible to claim compensation of up to £96,000.00 where we can establish a breach of certain regulations. You can read more about that here.

Mercedes emissions claims settlement in the US

There have been Mercedes emissions claims settlement events in the US. One of the most recently covered ones in California involves a potential $19m settlement to end an action for claims over Daimler allegedly inflating its stock by using cheat devices during emissions testing.

Whilst this is a matter of a shareholder case, it does show that Judges around the world are taking these emission matters seriously. We can’t rely on any of the settlements in the US given that it is a separate jurisdiction to us, but it is always encouraging to see settlements around the world. The fight for justice in the wake of some carmakers engaging in potentially unlawful behaviour over emissions irregularities is a worldwide fight for consumer rights, as well as for human health and the environment.

The similar Volkswagen Emissions action

The original 2015 “dieselgate” scandal involving Volkswagen is what started this whole train of events of looking into the behaviour of vehicle manufacturers over emissions irregularities. One of the more recent court hearings for the UK litigation against VW established that the technology used is a defeat device, which is a big step forward in the battle for justice.

What this means is that, if Daimler has used similar technology, we may be able to use precedents in the VW action to make the case for Mercedes owners as well. They are two separate cases, and it may be that any alleged technology used cannot be easily compared, but this is what we’re aiming to get to the bottom of as part of the action that we have launched. If we are able to establish that defeat device technology has been used, we will push for a Mercedes emissions claims settlement process as soon as we can for our clients.

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