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Can you claim up to £96k in Mercedes emissions scandal compensation?

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Can you claim up to £96k in Mercedes emissions scandal compensation?

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Mercedes emissions scandal compensation

You could be entitled to claim up to £96,000.00 by taking part in our Mercedes emissions scandal compensation action, as featured in the Telegraph earlier this month.

Here, we will explain how you could be entitled to receive substantial damages, whether you could be eligible, and what action you need to take now.

For more information about the Mercedes Emissions Group Action we are representing people for, please see our dedicated advice page here.

Can you claim up to £96,000 in damages?

You could be entitled to receive between £23,775.00 and £96,220.00 in compensation, depending on the model of your vehicle, according to recent ‘on the road’ price data from Mercedes in May 2020.

The use of important legislation known as Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPUT) for Mercedes emissions scandal compensation cases could mean owners receiving up to 100% of the purchase price of their vehicle. Looking at the price data above, we have an estimated range that could go up to around £96,000.00 if the Court is to establish that there is a breach of CPUT that is very serious. If it is established that Daimler has made us of illegal defeat device technology in vehicles, the rules can mean that owners could receive 25%, 50%, 75% or the full 100% of the cost of the vehicle back.

Commenting on the importance of this in the media, Aman Johal, director of Your Lawyers (The Car Emissions Lawyers), said:

“Our evidence shows that consumers who own or previously owned a Mercedes vehicle affected by the Dieselgate scandal could claim compensation pay-outs of up to £96,000.

We urge Mercedes owners to come forward as soon as possible to claim compensation owed to them before it’s too late. Half a million drivers across the UK could be eligible to claim, and carmakers must be held to account where vehicles are found to be producing more dangerous levels of emissions that could lead to a greater number of deaths and cause irreparable damage to the environment. 

If Mercedes is found to have used defeat devices to cheat emissions regulations, owners deserve to be compensated, especially where residual values have been affected. Much like the Volkswagen case from 2015, we may be looking at another example of a big corporation putting profits before people.”

What you need to do to claim Mercedes emissions scandal compensation

All you need to do to make sure you can apply for Mercedes emissions scandal compensation using CPUT is start a claim with us today on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We can establish if a CPUT claim is available for you. Generally speaking, you could be eligible for CPUT damages if you purchased your vehicle on or after 1st October 2014 from an approved dealership. If you purchased it before this date but you made any form of payment thereafter, such as a finance payment, you may still be eligible to apply.

You can start your Mercedes emissions scandal compensation claim today quickly and easily by completing the forms here.

It only takes minutes to sign up for a case and you can benefit from our No Win, No Fee representation. We are already acting for a growing group of owners, and we may be able to help you too.

About Your Lawyers – The Car Emissions Lawyers

Your Lawyers – also known as The Car Emissions Lawyers – is a specialist consumer action law firm operating in England and Wales.

The firm was one of the first – if not, the first – to formally take cases on for those affected by the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal, and represented over 10,000 Claimants. In 2016, Your Lawyers was the first firm in England and Wales to issue High Court proceedings in 2016 and were appointed with a seat on the Steering Committee for the action in 2018.

To start your claim today, please visit the Mercedes Emissions Action page here.

IMPORTANT: advice on this page is intended to be up-to-date for the 'first published date'.

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