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Importance of Emissions Regulations

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Importance of Emissions Regulations

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importance of emissions regulations

The importance of emissions regulations cannot be understated, and we are only fighting the court battles that we are because the law has not been adhered to.

In the last few decades, we have been able to achieve huge reductions in emissions thanks to new technology. A lot of this is down to EU emission regulations, and it is important for all carmakers to follow them.

A key reason as to why there are emissions regulations in place is to keep people healthy and to help the environment stay protected. NOx can affect the tropospheric ozone that we breathe, and pollution in the air can lead to a decrease in vegetation growth and a reduction in crop yields.

The importance of emissions regulations must never be ignored

As well as damaging the environment, pollution can also damage human health. This is exactly why the importance of emissions regulations must never be ignored.

Dangerous levels of NOx can irritate your respiratory system, affecting your lungs which can make it more difficult to breathe. Permanent damage can also be caused, and chronic lung diseases can be aggravated in the long-term as well.

NOx can cause the immune system’s ability to fight off bacterial infections to be adversely affected. People with asthma, as one example, may experience more severe attacks.

With these issues in mind, emissions regulations are in place to ensure that the environment and we, as people, are protected. Following the regulations can ensure that the NOx exhaust emissions are low enough to give people the best quality of life.

What you can do about cheating emissions regulations

You can help to highlight the importance of emissions regulations by helping us to hold any carmaker that is cheating to account.

Where car manufacturers are making the conscious decision to use technology like defeat devices, it shows that they do not take into consideration the seriousness of the effects of emissions pollution.

This is why we here at Your Lawyers are dedicated and incredibly experienced when it comes to helping those who have been affected by car emissions scandals. We know that the regulations are important, and they are put in place to protect us all.

We want to make sure that justice is served when there has been any cheating and breaking of the law.

Taking a stand now

Nitrogen Oxide is emitted from vehicle exhausts. If vehicle manufacturers cheat emissions testing, the levels of NOx being produced can be much higher once the cars are on the road.

This can cause damage to us and to the environment.

As your trusted Car Emissions Lawyers, we understand how important protecting us and our environment really is. We want to ensure that we and the environment are protected as much as can be. This is why we are committed to seeking justice when there are ever cases of the importance of emissions regulations being ignored through cheating and breaking the law.

For eligible clients, we are able to offer No Win, No Fee support for owners claiming compensation across a number of alleged emissions issues.

Right now, these include:

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