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Don’t miss the deadline to claim for car emissions scandals

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Don’t miss the deadline to claim for car emissions scandals

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If you have been affected by any of the recent car emissions scandals, it is important you do not miss the deadline to claim.

Car emissions scandals can be extremely damaging to the general population and the environment, particularly in built-up areas such as cities. Holding car manufacturers accountable for any unlawful level of toxic emissions is vital, and exactly what we are here for.

Whilst carmakers continue to deny liability for the emissions claims, we continue to push hard to hold them to account where we believe that there has been a breach of the law.

The importance of making a claim

It is extremely important that, if your vehicle has been part of a recall or has needed a software update, you come forward to make a claim and do not miss the deadline to start a case.

Mercedes, Nissan and Renault, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover, and Fiat are all alleged to have engaged in behaviour that could amount to cheating emissions tests. Whilst they strongly deny the accusations, we feel there is merit to the investigations that we are making.

Following Volkswagen’s ‘dieselgate’ scandal where it was found the car manufacturer had used ‘defeat devices’ to cheat emissions tests, we always believed that it would be a matter of time before others were found to be involved in similar behaviour.

The emissions regulations are in place to limit the amount of harmful gasses released into the environment by vehicles. The toxic gas released is these cases is Nitrogen Oxide, or NOx for short. This gas can be both very harmful to humans, causing long term health conditions, and extremely damaging to the environment, creating ozone pollution.

It is important that manufacturers who have cheated emissions tests and created vehicles that produce far more toxic emissions than legally allowed are held to account. Also, vehicle owners who were unaware of their vehicle’s emissions should get the justice that they deserve by way of a compensation case too.

Don’t miss the deadline to claim

If your vehicle has been subject to any updates or recalls, you could be eligible to claim compensation for an emissions scandal. We urge you to make your claim as soon as possible, so you do not miss the deadline for joining a claim.

Although the above car manufacturers are strongly denying the use of ‘defeat devices’, they could still be found to have used such technology in our view. With Volkswagen’s ‘dieselgate’ scandal, VW strongly disputed any claims and said they had done nothing wrong as well. However, the High Court of Justice in England and Wales established that VW had used defeat devices in their vehicles, and VW’s appeal against the decision was refused.

About the Car Emissions Lawyers

The Car Emissions Lawyers are pioneers of UK emissions action. In 2018, we were appointed to the Steering Committee for the Volkswagen Group Action, conducting the litigation in the High Court of Justice.

We have years of experience representing thousands of people affected by emissions scandals in England and Wales, and our team of expert lawyers are ready to help you fight for justice. Start your case now by using the form on our main homepage here to make your claim.

Don’t miss the deadline for new claims on a specific Group Action claim, or you could lose out on the chance to claim thousands of pounds in damages.

Eligible claimants can be entitled to receive No Win, No Fee representation for their emissions claim.

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