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Claim Porsche Emissions compensation

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porsche suv emissions tests

If you have been affected by the Porsche scandal, you could be eligible to make a Porsche emissions compensation claim with the Car Emissions Lawyers now.

Following the Volkswagen ‘Dieselgate’ scandal that broke in 2015, it has been alleged that a number of car manufacturers are following the same pattern, possibly using a form of ‘defeat device’ software to trick emissions tests. Whilst car manufacturers are not admitting to the use of such devices, with most having strongly denied allegations that they have faced, we believe Porsche (along with others) may have used such devices.

Volkswagen also refuted claims that they were using defeat devices, but the high Court has found that they were used in a number of models. We believe this to be the same with Porsche and would like to help all individuals affected make a Porsche emissions compensation claim.

About the alleged Porsche emissions scandal

As we previously said, the alleged Porsche emissions scandal stems from Volkswagen’s original ‘Dieselgate’ emissions scandal. VW own Porsche so we think it is likely that VW could have used the same technology in Porsche vehicles. We are currently waiting for the outcome of VW trials which may also be pivotal for Porsche actions as well.

The alleged ‘defeat device’ software used in the emissions scandal is understood to be technology that can “know” when the car is undergoing testing. This can then put the car into a mode where emissions-reducing technology is engaged, so to speak. This can then ensure that the vehicle is releasing a limited amount of emissions, abiding by legal regulations, as part of the testing process. Once the vehicle is out in the real world, the device could become dormant and allow for a far greater volume of emissions being released into the atmosphere than legally allowed.

Claim for Porsche emissions compensation

If you own a Porsche model that has been subject to a recall or software update relating to emissions or engine management, you could be eligible to make a Porsche emissions compensation claim today.

We – the Car Emissions Lawyers – are still taking on cases for the Porsche emissions scandal and are happy to help you go over your claim.

We are passionate about holding car manufacturers to account when it comes to emissions scandals. Allowing illegal levels of toxic gases into the atmosphere that can be extremely harmful to ourselves and to the environment, where this has taken place, is completely unacceptable. We are here to fight for justice and for your rights as a consumer. We are here to help you get the justice you deserve when it comes to Porsche emissions compensation.

Start your claim today

If you believe your car may be one of those affected, you can speak to our team today for free, no-obligation advice about your potential claim. We are happy to help you.

We are also able to offer eligible victims’ representation on a genuine No Win, No Fee basis (subject to our terms and conditions). Our goal is to serve justice and we do not want you to worry about any further costs, should you lose your claim. There is really no reason to not make an emissions claim.

Contact our expert team here to begin your claim.

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