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Car emissions and air quality in the UK

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Car emissions and air quality in the UK

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We have known for years that the transport industry is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution in the world. However, studies have only recently started to take account of the potential real cost of releasing toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Since the ‘dieselgate’ scandal emerged in 2015, we have been faced with the problem that many diesel vehicles may have been producing even larger volumes of harmful gases than was first thought. As a result, air quality in the UK may have become even poorer due to the alleged actions of car manufacturers.

We were one of the first, if not the first, firms to bring claims against Volkswagen in 2015, and we were the first to issue High Court action in England and Wales in January 2016. We now want to ensure that other suspected car manufacturers are held to account for alleged excessive pollution that they may have caused.

Those who think that they may own, or may have previously owned, an affected vehicle can go to our online form to confirm their eligibility and get their claims started now.

The car emissions scandal and air pollution

Last year, it was established in the High Court that Volkswagen had been using illegal ‘defeat device’ technology, allowing vehicles that were in breach of emissions regulations to pass testing.

As a result, many diesel vehicles in the UK may have been releasing much more Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions than they were supposed to be producing.

The Volkswagen emissions scandal affected millions of vehicles in the UK, and millions more could be affected if manufacturers like Mercedes, Porsche and Nissan & Renault are found guilty of cheating emissions tests. Currently, they face allegations of similar behaviour, allegations which they strongly deny.

The cost of poor air quality in the UK

In 2015, research found that cars that had been producing excessive NOx emissions could be linked to around 38,000 premature deaths worldwide. To put this into a UK context, experts have recently published a report that suggests that air at 25% of UK addresses exceeds the recommended WHO (World Health Organisation) limits for particulate matter or NOx.

The harmful air quality in the UK can have a profound impact on health, with the adverse outcomes including strokes, heart disease, and lung conditions (including lung cancer), all of which can contribute to reduced life expectancy.

As for the environmental impact, NOx emissions can damage vegetation, reduce crop yields and harm the natural balance of ecosystems.

Taking action against car manufacturers

The above worrying problems of poor air quality in the UK is exactly why we are seeking to account for as many polluting diesel vehicles as possible. We have reason to believe that other car manufacturers may have been cheating emissions testing, so we have launched multiple group actions to investigate these allegations and take legal cases forward for alleged affected claimants.

By making a claim, you could recover thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds in compensation. You can also take comfort in the knowledge that you will be making a stand against car manufacturers who could be partially responsible for thousands of pollution-related deaths, if allegations of cheating are found to be true.

We strongly believe that the voices of consumers can initiate lasting change, so claim today if you want to improve air quality in the UK.

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