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Volkswagen Engineers reportedly used “code words” for their defeat devices

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Volkswagen Engineers reportedly used “code words” for their defeat devices

First published by Admin on April 24, 2016 in the following categories: VW Scandal and tagged with

Volkswagen engineers at the heart of the investigation in to the massive worldwide emissions scandal (AKA “dieselgate”) reportedly used “code words” to cover their tracks for rigging the emissions data of vehicles.

The software they developed could tell when the vehicle was being tested and when it wasn’t – which was how the emissions controls knew to turn on during tests and switch off the rest of the time.

To shroud what was really going on, it’s been reported that a series of “code words” were used.

“Acoustic software”

The term “acoustic software” was allegedly used to refer to the coding that was installed to switch the emissions controls on during testing, and off the rest of the time. It was this coding which allowed the vehicles to pass the emissions testing when the controls were switched on, and then allowed the vehicles to pollute much higher quantities of NOx on the road.

Given that the coding broke the law, it’s not surprising to learn that engineers used “code words” to conceal their tracks. We already knew that none of this has happened by accident – the whole scandal centres on intentionally rigging the vehicles so they would pass the emissions tests in the first place!

A “sinister” discovery

It’s quite disconcerting to think that such a huge organisation like Volkswagen would throw corporate responsibility out of the window and so frivolously disregard the trust that consumers have had in them for a long time.

In a word from our team on hearing the news about “code words” being used:

“It’s not surprising; they had to have some way of covering their tracks didn’t they?

But it’s quite a sinister discovery to learn that engineers who were intentionally breaking the law and intentionally misrepresenting millions of vehicles had “code words” for what they were doing.

It makes you wonder what else they have to hide…”

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