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Nissan Qashqai SUV reportedly breaching EU NOx limits

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The Nissan Qashqai SUV is reportedly breaching EU NOx limits, adding to the list of cars that appear to be emitting far more pollutants than perhaps expected.

Some tests – as we have seen from the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal we are dealing with compensation claims for – appear to show that there are models polluting significantly more NOx on the road.

NOx kills, and it damages our environment. Laws are in place to reduce NOx being emitted for very good reasons.

Media reports indicate that tests conducted by The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) show that the Nissan Qashqai SUV is apparently breaching EU NOx emissions limits. Although the big Volkswagen Emissions Scandal is all centred on the German automotive giant who were caught out using cheat devices in vehicles, a number of other carmakers have been investigated for potentially similar behaviour.

Although there is no suggestion that Nissan has been using defeat devices like those seen in the VW Emissions scandal, the DVSA reportedly asked Nissan to recalibrate vehicles to improve NOx performance. The reply was that they were still considering whether it was possible to actually achieve this.

These almost continual stories about vehicles seemingly polluting more than expected is worrying. We still can’t really say for sure why it was that Volkswagen decided to cheat emissions testing. We can only assume that it was because they were unable to, at the time, engineer their vehicles to be legally-compliant without sacrificing characteristics important to their customers; like power, performance and fuel efficiency.

Many consumers who have had the so-called “technical measures” they are applying to the vehicles – also known as the “fix” – are reporting that their vehicles are suffering from reduced power and performance after having the work done, as well as seeing fuel efficiency reduced as well.

Volkswagen have suggested there are no links between problems and the “fixes” they’re applying, but we are hearing the opposite from consumers claiming in the action.

We cannot allow any vehicle manufacturer to get away with bending the rules or breaking the law!

Which is why we are pursuing the VW emissions scandal claims for thousands of UK victims.

If there are any other manufacturers found to be cheating, justice must be pursued.

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