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AdBlue and NOx emissions

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AdBlue and NOx emissions

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AdBlue and NOx emissions

AdBlue and NOx emissions go hand-hand, as some car manufacturers use AdBlue in their engines to reduce the production of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx); a toxic gas produced from diesel engines.

Many vehicle manufacturers claim that the use of AdBlue can reduce car emissions to provide for cleaner diesel vehicles, and some of those carmakers have relied on those statements when selling their models.

However, the reality may not be so green. A number of carmakers stand accused of using defeat devices in their vehicles. These can, in some cases, recognise when an emissions test is taking place, and allow for emissions-reducing technology to be engaged. Out on the road, emissions-reducing technology may not work. For some of those taking part in the emissions legal actions we are pursuing, they have reported having to top up AdBlue more often, increasing the running costs of their vehicle.

What is AdBlue and NOx emissions reduction?

Due to emissions regulations demanding a drop of 67% less NOx in recent years, car manufacturers have had to find ways to reduce their emissions production. AdBlue is an exhaust fluid that can be used to break down NOx gases into less harmful particles, which is why AdBlue and NOx emissions go hand-in-hand.

This method can be effective for reducing emissions pollution. However, a number of car manufacturers have been accused of finding ways to cheat emissions testing to make their vehicles look cleaner than they are. Some so-called ‘green and environmentally friendly’ marketing may simply not be true when it comes to real-world conditions, as the amount of NOx emissions produced could far exceed the legal limits.

Why would car manufacturers cheat the test?

Car manufacturers are constantly trying to improve their models. However, having to reduce the emissions pollution levels by such a large amount could have a negative impact on the car’s performance.

Using AdBlue to reduce emissions levels is one way to meet the regulations, but it costs money to keep the vehicle topped up. Using AdBlue more can lead to the need to refill AdBlue more often, and this can be costly for a vehicle owner. As such, carmakers accused of using defeat device technology to allow vehicles to pass emissions testing, but pollute way more, could lead to owners having to use more AdBlue as the vehicle works to actually reduce emissions in the way it should have done in the first place.

When it comes to the costs of AdBlue and NOx emissions litigations, this is something that may form as part of a claim for compensation.

Has your car been affected by an emissions scandal?

If your car has been affected by any of the emissions issues, you may have been informed by the manufacturer that a software update is required.

The update may adversely affect the vehicle in several ways, such as:

  • The vehicle may need more AdBlue to be used, and you may then have to replenish it more frequently, costing you more money;
  • The engine may be operating less efficiently which can lead to increased fuel consumption;
  • The vehicle may feel slower as a result of reduced efficiency and performance changes.

If any of these problems arise with your car, you could be entitled to factor them in with a claim for compensation. The impact of increased use of AdBlue and NOx emissions defeat device technology is a matter we are closely looking at.

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