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Which car maker is next?

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Which car maker is next?

First published by Admin on October 12, 2015 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with

There is growing speculation that the Volkswagen Group – which includes Audi, SEAT, and Skoda – is not the only car manufacturing giant hiding a secret. Since the breaking of the news that Volkswagen have been fitting defeat devices in to vehicles to cheat emissions testing, many car owners are concerned that their own brand may also be hiding something.

So which car maker is next? Some have already spoken out and stated they do not use ‘defeat devices’ but given the scale of this scandal, how can we be convinced?

Ford, BMW, and Renault/Nissan have come forward and stated they do not use defeat devices in their vehicles. But many others have yet to comment, and there is no telling what other secrets they may be hiding.

The thing is, diesel engines have had a bad reputation for years in terms of environmental impact and emissions. So with the introduction of these ‘clean diesel’ engines the industry and consumers alike were happy to start putting their confidence back in to diesel.

It’s somewhat ironic that the research that was undertaken that discovered the Volkswagen Emission scandal was done to prove that these new ‘clean diesel’ engines were good for the environment, we are informed. Unfortunately they uncovered the dirty truth about the emissions these vehicles were really responsible for, and the fallout is monumental.

Our legal team will keep fighting and will keep you informed. But we are already saying here at the Car Emissions HQ that we would be far from surprised if other manufactures eventually come forward as well.

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