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Rogue Engineers – latest in the VW Emissions Scandal

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Rogue Engineers – latest in the VW Emissions Scandal

First published by Admin on October 12, 2015 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with |

We said that more and more would come out of the woodwork as time goes by, but this latest development in the Volkswagen emissions scandal has left our legal team and commenting clients in shock.

Questioning of bosses in the US has revealed that chiefs are blaming a small number of software engineers who are responsible for the defeat devices, with motives that remain unknown. They admit it’s hard to believe, and we agree – it’s very hard to believe indeed!

So the latest is that a small number of ‘rogue engineers’ have decided to do this off their own backs, without the knowledge of bosses. How on earth can we be expected to believe such things?

We must say of course that we don’t know either way right now. German prosecutors have raided the Volkswagen HQ and have seized files and data, and it’s likely that more will come out once that has been all analysed. But right now the official response is that the bosses were clueless about what was going on, and the responsibility is with ‘rogue engineers.’

I’m sure you can agree how hard it is to believe, despite the fact that the facts have yet to be properly established. But if this is true then more questions are raised:

  • What motive did these ‘rogue engineers’ have?
  • What was in it for them? What personal gain did they have from all of this?
  • Did no one at the top give an executive order to do this?
  • How was this never discovered before now?

Volkswagen Group are a huge multinational company. They have a lot of finances and a lot of assets worldwide, and it’s hard to believe that a couple of ‘rogue engineers’ have done this without higher authority. But, until more is known about these ‘rogue engineers’ and why they might do this, we can but speculate.

We’ll keep you informed with the developments as they come in. You can join our group action by calling us or filing in a contact form and we can get your claim for Volkswagen compensation set up today.

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