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Volkswagen HQ raided as scandal widens

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Volkswagen HQ raided as scandal widens

First published by Admin on October 12, 2015 in the following categories: VW Scandal and tagged with |

The Volkswagen HQ in Germany has been raided by prosecutors as part of the criminal investigations following the revelations that the Volkswagen Group have been fitting ‘defeat devices’ in to diesel engines to cheat fuel emission testing.

These sophisticated devices are coded to know when the vehicle is undergoing testing to only switch on emissions controls during any perceived test period. With around 11 million vehicles worldwide affected, the scandal is widening, and more is emerging about just how far back the bosses at VW have known.

These defeat devices were no accident. Reports have emerged that three engineers who may be linked to the devices have been suspended, but it is the Volkswagen Group that must take responsibility. So in the midst of the growing worldwide criminal investigations, we ask this: just who at the top knew about the defeat devices, and how long have they known?

Have VW bosses known from the start?

Are we to believe that a group of engineers took it upon themselves to help the VW Group make millions (or even billions) off the back of charging for, and promoting, ‘clean diesel’ engines? What motivation would employees have to do this? What benefit would they gain?

These are the burning questions right now as we delve deeper in to the Volkswagen Emission Scandal, and more and more is coming to light. It has emerged that US Chief Michael Horn knew about a ‘problem’ as far back as last year. But who else knew? Who was it who gave the executive order to install the defeat devices to help the company potentially make more money?

We can only assume at this stage that the reason for the devices was to help the VW Group profitability. There has to be a motive, and motive is usually driven by money. Again we can only speculate at the moment, and all of this is just assumption and guesswork. We are sure that more will continue to come out as the investigations continue.

What action are we taking?

We have launched our campaign to help anyone who has been affected by the scandal. Our Car Emissions Team have been taking calls and taking on cases continually.

Most other firms are still just registering people’s interest, but we are actively taking cases on and a large number of clients have provided their instructions for us to represent them.

You can join our action by simply filling in a contact form or calling our team on 0800 634 75 75.

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