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VW court deadline is 5 weeks today!

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VW court deadline is 5 weeks today!

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dieselgate action deadline information

The VW court deadline to join the ‘dieselgate’ compensation action is now just 5 weeks away. If you have yet to sign-up, you’re in danger of missing out.

We’re already in the process of finalising the claims we already have, so any new claimants who have yet to join our group are at risk of missing out.

You can still sign-up, but with the deadline to join now just 5 weeks away (26 October 2018) time has almost run out. It’s not just a case of signing up either; there’s work to be done.

Final VW court deadline is 26 October 2018

The final VW court deadline to join the massive emissions action is 26 October 2018. This is set to be the biggest group action the UK has ever seen. If you have not yet signed up, you are in danger of missing out.

It’s a No Win, No Fee case, so what have you got to lose in joining? We’re confident we can win the action, which is why lawyers in the action are now representing tens of thousands of victims.

VW recently accepted responsibility for the diesel crisis they created in Germany, and pay-outs have already been made in the US and Canada. We’re fighting to ensure that justice will be achieved for victims in England and Wales.

You must join before the VW court deadline!

You cannot leave this until last minute. You must join the action well before the VW court deadline which will expire 5 weeks today.

The law gives you a 14-day cooling off period when you enter into a legal contract, so we can’t do any work for you until this period has expired. For those who will have their 14-day cooling off period, we’ll only have 3 weeks to join you to the action.

Instructing a lawyer alone is not going to secure your place in the action before the VW court deadline expires. There’s work to be done, instructions to be taken and evidence to be gathered.

Do not miss out: join today.

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