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28 days to Volkswagen compensation deadline

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28 days to Volkswagen compensation deadline

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volkswagen diesel buyback scheme

There’s now only 28 days left until the Volkswagen compensation deadline. Anyone who has yet to sign-up remains at risk of missing out.

Over the last few weeks, our legal team has been working hard to “dot the I’s” and “cross the T’s” for our Claimant Group. We need to make sure that all our claims are ready and prepared for joinder on to the formal Group Litigation order before the deadline.

This takes time and work. Anyone who has yet to sign-up is leaving it very late to avoid either missing the Volkswagen compensation deadline, or not being ready in time.

Final call: 28 days to Volkswagen compensation deadline

This is it. We’re on the final lap, and these are the final calls to sign-up before you miss your chance when the Volkswagen compensation deadline expires in 28 days’ time.

The Volkswagen compensation deadline is 26 October 2018. That’s 28 days from today!

This action is set to be the biggest ever in England and Wales. There are already some 60,000 people signed-up in the action on the whole, but millions could be eligible to claim. Volkswagen must be punished for their behaviour, and victims deserve compensation.

We can only achieve justice if you sign-up before the Volkswagen compensation deadline passes!

Worried about missing the Volkswagen compensation deadline?

You should be very worried about missing the Volkswagen compensation deadline given that the hour is late and you’ve yet to start your claim.

There’s still time to sign-up, but you will need to work with us to make sure we can prepare your case in time.

At this late stage, there are unfortunately no guarantees.

Click here now to get the process started!

What you need to know about claiming before the Volkswagen compensation deadline passes

Here’ a little useful information for you so you can sign-up now and avoid missing the Volkswagen compensation deadline:

  • We’ve been helping people since the scandal broke. We were the first to initiate high court proceedings, and we’re on the Steering Committee for the action;
  • We’re representing people on a No Win, No Fee basis;
  • You could be entitled to claim around £8,500.00, depending on the regulations that apply to your case;
  • You need to have instructed us to act for you and agreed to a Litigation Management Agreement. 14-day cooling off periods apply, so you really need to half the time and understand that the deadline for you is really around two weeks away.

Sign-up now to avoid missing the Volkswagen compensation deadline!

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