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Volkswagen emissions class action closes next month

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Volkswagen emissions class action closes next month

First published by Admin on September 13, 2018 in the following categories: Group Action and tagged with |

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The deadline for the Volkswagen emissions class action in the UK will close next month. Anyone who wants to join must do so ASAP to avoid missing out.

We’ve been reminding people who have yet to claim that we really are on the final approach. The deadline is next month, and anyone who has yet to claim now is at risk of missing out entirely.

There’s work that needs to be done before the deadline comes around, so you cannot leave it until last minute without there being a risk of you missing the deadline and missing out on your chance to claim potentially thousands of pounds for Volkswagen’s emissions cheating behaviour.

Volkswagen emissions class action imminent

We’re now on the cusp of the Volkswagen emissions class action truly starting next month. Our lawyers have been fighting hard for the last three years to bring Volkswagen to the table, but despite paying out in America and Canada, and despite accepting responsibility for the diesel crisis they have created, they’re refusing compensation to victims here in the UK.

This is why we  have the Volkswagen emissions class action (AKA a Group Litigation Order – GLO – but often recognised using the American term of class action) in place so we can fight them through the Court process and ensure justice is achieved for the victims who have signed up to claim.

Will the Volkswagen emissions class action win?

Do not avoid joining the Volkswagen emissions class action because you’re worried the case might not win.

Firstly, we’re helping people on a No Win, No Fee basis, so what have you got to lose? We wouldn’t be helping people in this way unless we were confident we could win the action. Secondly, we’ve spent the last three years fighting them. We wouldn’t be pushing this action unless we thought we had a good enough chance of succeeding.

Join the Volkswagen emissions class action now before it’s too late

The deadline to join the Volkswagen emissions class action is next month.

Time really is running out.

Join now, or risk missing out.

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