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An update from our Car Emissions Lawyers as our class action grows to significant numbers

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An update from our Car Emissions Lawyers as our class action grows to significant numbers

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Our Car Emissions Lawyers are helping thousands of victims of the Volkswagen Group scandal claim the compensation they deserve. Here is how things are from a legal standpoint at the moment:

  • Our research shows other firms are just registering peoples details and not yet taking claims forward
  • Some other firms are asking for fixed fee payments from victims or high percentage deductions – we’re not yet sure whether this is upfront or not
  • Non specialist law firms don’t really know what they are going to be doing

Our Car Emissions Lawyers ARE accepting claims NOW – our group action has actually started. We’re not just registering peoples information, and our fight for justice is already under way.

Our Car Emissions Lawyers have years of particular expertise in fighting for the rights of large group action victims; especially in consumer rights and product liability claims. Having recovered millions of pounds in compensation claims for victims for decades, we’ve vowed to do all that we can to make sure that any victims of the Volkswagen Scandal are entitled to justice.

Starting your claim couldn’t be easier

Because we have done this before, we’ve got the same mindset as we always have. We know its important for you to know your rights and be able to join our group action with as little hassle and fuss for you as possible.

Here are your options:

  • Start by completing our online form below and go ahead with a case right away
  • Call us now on 0800 634 75 75. We can usually give you all the advice you need and get your claim set up in under 10 minutes
  • Send us an email and we can call you back – just make sure to pop your number in the message

Our team are available during our extended office hours of 9am-10pm most weekday and 9am-5pm on weekends.

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