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New emissions laws in force to stop future Volkswagen emissions scandals

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It’s July 2018, which means the new emissions laws have come into force to stop future Volkswagen style emissions scandals.

The new legislation, at the very least, acts as a far better deterrent to prevent future emissions scandals.

The new emissions laws have been brought in to specifically crack down on emissions cheats like Volkswagen. To make sure they’re punished for their historic cheating, we’re a part of the Steering Committee of law firms taking legal action against VW for over 60,000 victims in England and Wales.

The Road Vehicles (Defeat Device, Fuel Consumption and Type Approval) Regulations 2018

The Road Vehicles (Defeat Device, Fuel Consumption and Type Approval) Regulations 2018 is now in force as of Sunday 1st July 2018.

The new emissions laws mean that carmakers caught cheating can now face heavy fines of up to £50,000.00 PER VEHICLE that has been found to have been fitted with a defeat device.

The government has cited the 2015 Volkswagen emissions scandal as part of the reasons behind the move to clamp down on emissions cheaters. We have strict emissions laws for a very good reason: to protect human health and to protect our environment.

Some experts have already suggested that the extra unclaimed NOx caused by the VW emissions “dieselgate” scandal has potentially contributed to thousands of premature deaths. We cannot allow these corporate crimes to go unpunished.

Transport Minister, Jesse Norman, said:

“There has rightly been a huge public outcry against car manufacturers that have been cheating on emissions standards. Their behaviour has been dishonest and deplorable.

These tough new regulations are designed to ensure that those who cheat will be held to proper account in this country, legally and financially, for their actions.”

Punishing Volkswagen for their historic crimes

Aside from the new emissions laws, punishing Volkswagen for their historic crimes is down to us and the action we’re on the Steering Committee for.

There’s not long left to start your claim. If you want to claim the compensation you could be entitled to, and ensure VW are punished for their cheating behaviour, join our action now.

There really isn’t long to go now.

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