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Learn about Your Lawyers, the expert consumer action law firm

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Your Lawyers Mercedes emissions

At Your Lawyers, we have been champions of consumer rights for many years, conducting group actions and individual claims relating to all kinds of consumer issues, including the major emissions issues. Read on to learn more about Your Lawyers and our pioneering work.

One of the cases we are most known for is the Volkswagen emissions group action. In late 2015, we were one of the first law firms, if not the first law firm, to begin taking VW emissions claims forward. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer legal issues, which is why we began investigating other carmakers with regard to potential emissions irregularities soon after the news of the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal broke.

Most of all, we believe strongly in fighting for justice that is accessible to all, which is why we are taking on eligible claimants on a No Win, No Fee basis for all of our emissions group actions. You can use our online form today to find out whether you may be eligible to claim compensation now.

About Your Lawyers – our cases

Our specialism in consumer claims has allowed us to gain extensive experience in group action claims. Group action lawsuits are launched when tens, hundreds or even thousands of claimants bring similar claims, usually against a common Defendant. These cases often concern wide-reaching, infamous consumer issues.

Our expert team has played a role in many high-profile cases, so there has been considerable press coverage about Your Lawyers and our work over the years. We have recovered millions of pounds for thousands of clients, and have had seats on Steering Committees for ground-breaking actions in the UK.

Emissions group action pioneers

Your Lawyers undoubtedly led the way as one of the first UK law firms to take steps against Volkswagen for their illicit emissions practices. Not only were we one of the first firms to formally take on claimants, we also led the way in initiating High Court action in January 2016. Our pivotal role led to our appointment to the Steering Committee for the VW emissions action in 2018, which has since led to the ruling that VW was, indeed, using defeat devices.

The keen legal and business acumen of our team is not the only positive thing about Your Lawyers. We feel a strong sense of duty to our clients, so we do everything we can to achieve the justice that they deserve. We’re not here to settle for low pay-outs, and we can evaluate all the details of a case to make sure that the final compensation value is as high as possible.

Claim with Your Lawyers today

If you want to claim with us having heard about Your Lawyers, do not hesitate to contact us for advice on your potential claim.

We are dedicated to using our expertise to achieve justice for consumers, and we are not afraid to take on huge companies. This includes the major manufacturers who are the subject of the ongoing emissions actions.

If you think you may own or lease, or may have previously owned or leased, a vehicle affected by emissions irregularities, you can start your claim online today with just a few simple steps.

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