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Environmental MP says VW Dieselgate’s so-called “fixes” have “stalled”

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It has been over two years since Volkswagen admitted to fitting devices into their vehicles since 2009 that can be clearly defined as so-called “defeat devices”. Instead of compensating the customers that we say have been lied to and cheated, the major car maker pledged to apply “technical measures” to the 1.2 million vehicles carrying the alleged “defeat devices” in the U.K. that allow vehicles to emit excessive levels of harmful NOx pollution.

However, the Head of the Environmental Audit Committee, Mary Creagh MP, has reviewed the number of corrective measures carried out and it seems that the “fixes” have “stalled”.

The figures

The Department for Transports (DfT) figures show that Volkswagen and its subsidiaries have only carried out the software update for around two thirds of the affected vehicles, as follows:

  • 508,276 Volkswagen cars
  • 393,450 Audis
  • 131,569 Skodas
  • 79,838 VW commercial vehicles
  • 76,773 Seats

Notably in some cases, people have alleged that the fixes were carried out against their will or knowledge when they had taken their cars into the garage for other unrelated work to be carried out.

Some are reluctant to have the “technical measures” applied because a number of reports of vehicles being adversely affected afterwards. Several customers who have had the “fix” are blaming the software update for affecting their vehicle performance, with the most common problems reported involving EGR systems and DPF systems, as well as loss of power and torque.

MP Creagh referred to the country’s struggle with dangerous increases of pollution levels. She will be writing to the DfT for an explanation of what will be done in response to the “stalled progress”.

Government comments

A DfT spokeswoman said:

“The UK Government continues to take the unacceptable actions of Volkswagen extremely seriously and is working hard on behalf of UK consumers.”

The DfT is reportedly reviewing the situation on a monthly basis but will not be taking any legal action on behalf of individual customers, dealers or shareholders to seek legal redress for the scandal.

VW still don’t care about U.K. victims’ rights to compensation

In the US, Volkswagen has been paying out tens of billions of U.S. dollars to consumers, regulators and states affected by the cheating.

Volkswagen has settled huge lawsuits brought by the consumers and states, paid penalty fines to regulators and have even committed huge sums to invest in environmental projects to tackle air pollution and bring in electric cars.

Yet over here, they’re refusing compensation to victims.

Thousands of dissatisfied customers have already sought help from ourselves in bringing a claim against Volkswagen. We’re committed to fighting for the rights for justice for what is set to be the U.K.’s largest ever group action.

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