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Thousands have joined our action as VW Group cars continue to lose value

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Thousands have joined our action as VW Group cars continue to lose value

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vw engineers used code words

First, they said they would look at compensation for UK victims; and then they did a u-turn and have since tried to suggest that the values of vehicles affected by the emissions scandal have not lost any value at all.

As compensation looks likely in the USA, victims here in the UK are left uncertain as the UK wing of the German car giants at the centre of the scandal seem adamant in denying UK victims compensation.

As our action grows stronger and stronger every day, our clients concerns about the value of their vehicles are entirely justified.

The consensus from the VW camp so far is that vehicles here in the UK have not seen any drop in value as a result of the emissions scandal, which saw the German car giants caught out installing defeat devices in to vehicles to cheat regulatory testing. So what does this mean for our action and the thousands of those affected by what has happened?

In short, it means we have to fight them for the justice that the victims deserve.

Reports are in – values are down

Despite what the VW Group are saying, our clients are being told candidly by dealers that their vehicles are worth less as a direct result of the emissions scandal. We knew this would be the case – a large number of those we act for told us right from the start that they would never buy another VW group car again. Most of those saying these sorts of things weren’t even questioned about it; they freely offered their sentiments off the back of how angry at the whole situation they are.

There are many people who have been buying VW cars for decades having trusted their respectable brand image. Since the emissions scandal, the mindsets of many have completely turned around.

Our clients have been reporting to us over the last few months about their experiences with dealers, and the news is grim. People are being offered less money for their vehicles because they are affected by the emission scandal.

We never doubted for a second that this would happen, even if the VW Group want to deny it for now. It’s simple supply and demand; their brand image has taken a huge hit, and people are not only shying away from affected vehicles, but also from VW Group vehicles on the whole.

I’ll be honest – for a while now I’ve been thinking about purchasing an Audi for myself, but since the scandal has broken out, I’ve definitely reconsidered.

What can you do about it?

For the thousands of people we are acting for, our group action is well underway. You can join now, and we are asking anyone who wants to join to do so as soon as possible.

We’re a real law firm with a team of real lawyers helping people affected by the scandal, so get in touch for free and friendly advice on a no obligation basis.

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