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Nissan and Renault emissions compensation action

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Nissan and Renault emissions compensation action

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Nissan and Renault emissions

We are offering No Win, No Fee representation for those affected by the Nissan and Renault emissions scandal for both diesel and petrol owners now.

If it is established that technology has been used for cheating emissions tests and allowing vehicles to produce far higher quantities of dangerous NOx, justice must be served. We have acted for thousands of people affected by emissions issues since 2015 when the VW dieselgate scandal hit the headlines, and we continue to fight for justice now.

In 2018, we were appointed to the Steering Committee responsible for the overall conduct of the Volkswagen Emissions Action. We also represent owners claiming against several other carmakers, and Nissan and Renault owners could be entitled to claim compensation with us now.

About the Nissan and Renault emissions scandal

It has been revealed that Nissan and Renault emissions may be higher as a result of alleged defeat device technology being used for cheating tests. Although the companies (part of the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance) strongly deny that they have engaged in any illegal behaviour, irregularities that have been known as far back as 2016 are coming under closer scrutiny.

Affected vehicles may include:


  • Infiniti Q50 Sedan;
  • Juke;
  • Note;
  • Qashqui;
  • X-Trail.


  • Clio;
  • Captur;
  • Espace;
  • Megane;
  • Scenic.

If your vehicle has been subject to an emissions recall and/or has had any changes made to it, we want to hear from you. It may be that so-called ‘technical measures’ have been applied, or it may be that any form of ‘software update’ could be linked to emissions issues as well.

Both diesel and petrol models may be affected. You can read more about the scandal and issues on our dedicated advice page here.

Join the action today

If you own an affected vehicle, you could be eligible for a No Win, No Fee claim as part of the Nissan and Renault emissions compensation action that we have launched.

As huge believers in access to justice, we are prepared to represent you now on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that we can write off our legal fees if the case doesn’t succeed, subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement. You can read more about this on the dedicated advice page here as well.

To start your case now, please don’t hesitate to contact the team today.

About Your Lawyers – The Car Emissions Lawyers

We are Your Lawyers – trading as The Car Emissions Lawyers. We are a specialist consumer action law firm who pioneered ground-breaking action for victims of the 2015 Volkswagen dieselgate scandal. We were one of the first – if not, the first – to formally take cases on, and we launched the first High Court proceedings in England and Wales in January 2016.

We always knew that the VW scandal would not be an isolated incident. Other carmakers have faced investigations, criminal charges and civil lawsuits around the world, and many are now facing huge class action cases. We represented over 10,000 VW owners, and we also represent owners claiming against Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar Landrover for emissions issues.

We are accepting cases for Nissan and Renault diesel and petrol owners now. You can read more about the action we are taking here.

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