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90 days left to make your Volkswagen Emissions Claim

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90 days left to make your Volkswagen Emissions Claim

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Mercedes emissions claim form

There’s now just 90 days left to make your Volkswagen emissions claim, but lawyers’ books for new claims are set to close in advance of the deadline.

It’s 90 days until the Court-imposed deadline, but Claimants wishing to join the massive action that we’re on the Steering Committee for must have their cases fully prepared in order to be able to join the action and benefit from any settlement that takes place in the future. Failing to join in time will likely mean you will be unable to make a claim at all, based on prior experience of Claimants missing Group Litigation Order deadlines.

If you’re serious about claiming, take action now.

Volkswagen has accepted responsibility for the diesel crisis: the doorway to justice is open

You may have heard that Volkswagen recently accepted responsibility for the diesel crisis they created. Having been caught using illegal defeat devices in their vehicles to make sure they pass emission tests put pollute more dangerous and deadly NOx on the roads, owners are entitled to make a Volkswagen emissions claim for damages against the German automotive giant.

Up until recently, Volkswagen had only accepted responsibility in America where they have paid out, so far, around $15bn in damages and fines. In England and Wales, Volkswagen spuriously claimed that the defeat device was not illegal according to EU law, but this position has now changed.

Having now finally accepted responsibility, the doorway to justice for owners who want to make their Volkswagen emissions claim is now open.

How does a Volkswagen Emissions Claim work?

The Volkswagen emissions claim process is simple. You complete the form on this website as soon as possible to join our Claimant Group, provide us with the necessary information we need, and you leave the rest to us.

We have funding and insurance to cover our Claimants, so if you win your Volkswagen emissions claim, you should receive damages, and if you lose, we can write off our legal fees and the insurance can cover you for any costs arising from the action.

It’s as simple as that: all on a No Win, No Fee basis. All you have to do is comply with the reasonable responsibilities of the agreements we form with you.

Just 90 days left to finalise your Volkswagen emissions claim!

There are just 90 days left to finalise you Volkswagen emissions claim. This is not a lot of time at all!7

If you’re serious about claiming, sign-up now.

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