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Two months away from the VW Group Action deadline

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It’s August. This means we’re now two months away from the VW Group Action deadline that falls in October this year.

For anyone who has yet to start their claim for compensation against VW as a victim of the massive “dieselgate” scandal of 2015, time really is of the essence. Although the formal Court deadline falls at the end of October 2018, the deadline for lawyers accepting claims is set to fall in advance of the final Court deadline.

If you’re serious about making a claim and you’ve yet to get the ball rolling, you really do need to act as soon as possible.

Two months to go until the VW Group Action deadline

So, we’re now two months away from the VW Group Action deadline. Before the deadline elapses, Claimant’s need to have their case ready for joinder on to the formal register of Claimants.

There is work to do, information to collect and documents to obtain (in some cases).

With some 60,000 people already in on the action, the legal team for firms involved are working hard to make sure cases are ready before the deadline. The longer anyone leaves it to actually sign-up and join a Claimant Group, the bigger the risks they may face in being able to join the before the VW Group Action deadline falls.

Worried about missing the VW Group Action deadline?

You should be worried about missing the VW Group Action deadline if you have yet to start your case, because time really is of the essence now.

We’re on the final stretch toward the cut-off date being imposed. Once the VW Group Action deadline has been and gone, Claimants will likely be unable to join the action unless they obtain special permission from the High Court of Justice which, based on experience, is not usually achievable unless there was a very good reason for missing the deadline.

People “not knowing” is not usually a good enough excuse. It really is now or never. The VW Group Action deadline is in the next two months, so if you’ve yet to start your claim and you would like our help, please start the process ASAP.

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