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Less than 100 days until the Volkswagen claim deadline

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Less than 100 days until the Volkswagen claim deadline

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We’re now less than 100 days until the Volkswagen claim deadline falls. The deadline for accepting claims will fall BEFORE the above Court deadline.

The Court-imposed deadline is essentially the final deadline for claims to be submitted to be a part of the massive legal action in England and Wales that we’re on the Steering Committee for. Although the Court deadline is now less than 100 days away, the actual deadline for your claim to be accepted and prepared will fall well in advance of the court deadline.

This means that, if you have yet to start your claim, you must get on with it ASAP to avoid missing the Volkswagen claim deadline.

What happens if you miss the Volkswagen claim deadline?

If you miss the Volkswagen claim deadline, you risk being unable to claim any compensation where a settlement is made in the legal action taking place for victims in England and Wales.

To be a part of any future settlement, you must have submitted your claim in advance of the claim deadline.

If you miss the Volkswagen claim deadline, you could be missing out on thousands of pounds in unclaimable damages. Victims of other class action claims we have helped people with before have missed the deadlines, and ended up missing out completely on being able to claim.

Some of those people literally lost out on damages estimated to be in the tens of thousands of pounds region. Do not risk it.

Will the legal action win?

We’re representing victims for emissions claims on a No Win, No Fee basis which we would only do where we’re confident that we can win the case.

Further, Volkswagen recently accepted responsibility for the diesel crisis they created. They’ve done so in Germany which shares the same EU laws we do for emissions, meaning they cannot feasibly defend the legal case in the way they have been doing so far in England and Wales as well.

This is a huge development, and is fantastic news for people involved in the action we’re taking part in.

Missing the Volkswagen claim deadline because you didn’t think the action would win is, in our view, nonsensical, given that we’re helping people claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

What have you got to lose?

Make sure you don’t miss the Volkswagen claim deadline: act now!

Make sure you don’t miss out!

Submit your claim now before the Volkswagen claim deadline by completing your information on the following form.

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