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Why you need to join the VW Class Action NOW!!!

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Why you need to join the VW Class Action NOW!!!

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join the vw action now

We’re lawyers who have been leading the fight for justice since the breaking of the ‘dieselgate’ scandal back in 2015, so a few people out there who are yet to start their claim may not take our word for it as to why they need to join the action now.

You should listen to our advice, though.

There have already been a number of hearings and a number of changes in how client groups are moving forward, and we have changed our options for claiming several times to reflect changes in the litigation as well.

Here are a few reasons as to why if you don’t bother to start your claim now could soon spell the end of your chances completely…

BIG hearing next week…

Next week, a hearing is set to take place where a number of key elements of the pending class action are to be addressed. This may also confirm when the deadline will be for joining the action, and this is usually set by the court; not us.

As we don’t set the cut-off date, we can’t really control exactly when it can be. So, if you’re serious about claiming, you really need to join the action as soon as you can, and in any event before the cut-off passes by.

Why you shouldn’t leave it any longer!

OK, so the deadline hasn’t passed.


But, several changes have already occurred, and those who start their cases early on in actions can benefit from better funding arrangements. A court deadline has already passed where lawyers were asked to provide information to the court, so missing these key deadlines can mean information about your claim cannot be passed on with the others.

Still thinking about leaving it? Read this!

We were involved in the PIP Breast Implants action that saw women recover thousands or tens of thousands of pounds in personal injury compensation. We warned about the deadlines to join, which (as usual) quickly passed back in 2013.

Many thought they would leave it and “see how it goes for others” before looking to claim. Some thought there was “no point” and didn’t think they’d get anything.

Those people were wrong.

Just last week, we received yet another enquiry from someone wanting to make a PIP Breast Implant Compensation claim. She, like others, had left it for reasons like those listed above. She isn’t the only one either; we’ve had a number of enquires and we have been unable to help any of them.

The deadline passed five years ago. There is nothing we can do!

One group of women with a different law firm missed the deadline and tried to apply late, and the judge outright refused them. They were therefore unable to claim in the group action proceedings.

It’s your choice; but it’s also your risk

It’s completely up to you if you want to make a claim or not, but if you don’t want to miss out on the chance, you need to sign up today, or face being one of the many who will leave it too late.

We understand that not everyone wants to claim, but for those who do but are hesitating, this advice is incredibly important for you!

As we can tell you from experience, many will leave it, and many will come to us after the deadlines have passed, and we will be turning people away. Some PIP victims may have been able to claim tens of thousands of pounds in compensation, but thanks to missing the deadline, they’ve been unable to recover a single penny.

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