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What’s happening with the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Recall?

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What’s happening with the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Recall?

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In the initial statement from Volkswagen UK, which is still visible on their site, they said:

“We have broken the most important part in our vehicles: your trust.
Now, our number one priority is winning back that trust.”

Volkswagen UK

So, now that we’re in the second quarter of 2016, when is the recall that was supposed to start in January 2016 actually happening?

Truth be told, we have no idea!

According to press sources, as well as correspondence from the VW Group firms, the emissions scandal recall was supposed to start in January 2016; yet despite this we’re not really hearing that the mass recall is going ahead at all.

We’ve heard some whispers of a few vehicles being recalled, but of the thousands of victims we’re acting for, not one has so far had the recall as far as we’re aware.

This begs several important questions:

  1. When are they planning to do it?
  2. Are they even going to still bother doing it?
  3. Have they sorted out the solution yet?
  4. Why is it taking so long?

Obviously we cannot answer these questions. As far as our action goes, VW UK are still refusing to accept responsibility and pay people out – this is despite the fact that they have clearly held heir hands up in the media.

It’s been a PR disaster in our view – the whole emissions scandal and the way they have handled it has been appalling! From blaming “rogue engineers” to saying they will compensate owners, and then backtracking, and then saying they will, and then backtracking again; its been infuriating for the victims.

We’ll keep you informed with up to date news about our action and the recall, and remember to get in touch with us ASAP if you want to join our action and avoid missing out on any court deadlines that can crop up.

We’re acting for thousands of people on a no win, no fee basis and we can help you too if you are a victim.

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